Marmoleum – a few facts:

‘97% natural raw materials, CO2 neutral (cradle to gate) – without the need for offsetting*’

Marmoleum has a heritage which dates back over 160 years and, due to its special characteristics it is an excellent flooring choice for almost all application areas.

Manufactured from 94 – 98% natural raw materials (including linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, jute and limestone), Marmoleum is one of the most sustainable floor coverings available on the market.

Marmoleum, Forbo’s main linoleum brand, is a natural floor associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design perfect for virtually any type of application.

– taken from manufacturer, Forbo‘s website

As an eco-friendly hard floor cleaning & restoration company, we absolutely love marmoelum. It has all the hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain benefits of other man-made flooring types, but is one of the most environmentally friendly. We encounter marmoleum in a huge range of commercial spaces from hospitals to hotels, factories to fun fairs.

Marmoleum is designed to last a long time. For this reason, it is designed not only to be maintained with regular mopping, but also to be stripped back, cleaned & re-sealed. In this short article, we will talk through a recent job that we conducted…

Stage 1: The survey

Our client initially called us in for a consultation to discuss what could be done for a very tired area of flooring…

Our brief had initially been to survey & quote for a professional clean here. However, once we had seen the whole area & tested some solutions, it was soon clear that a simple clean qould not be adequate. Our client required the marmoelum to be brought up to a good standard that reflected the high quality product his factory produces. Not only this, but the factory regularly receives visits from corporate clients and, in its present state, this area was letting the side down.

Green Man recommended a full strip & re-seal of the area, which we advised would bring the floor back to a very good condition. 

Stage 2: Initial clean & strip

The first job is to prepare the floor. This begins with a thorough re-inspection of the floor & a good old sweeping. Once this is done and all areas are as clear as possible, we apply a hard floor stripper to break down the old seal.

After the stripper has dwelt on the floor for a sufficient amount of time, we then agitate the floor to further break down residual dirt and layers of old seal. For this process, we have a variety of buffers & oscillating machines with abrasive pads & brushes.

This dirty, slippery surface often needs several rinses to get the floor to the condition we need.

From this stage, it’s a question of inspecting the floor and ensuring we have removed enough of the old seals & dirt. Anything that remains will soon be covered for a long time by the layers of new seal!

Only when the floor is completely clean & stripped back to a matt finish is it time to begin to apply the seals…

Stage 3: Applying layers of seal

After a complete strip down of marmoleum, it is a good idea to apply multiple layers of seal to protect the floor, as well as bring it back to a glossy, almost transparent level of finish. In this instance, we specified 2x coats of matt seal, followed by 2x coats of satin seal.

These are applied using a micro-fibre mop. Each layer of seal can take between 5 & 45 minutes to dry, depending on the conditions…

In this first image, we see the intial application of the first layer of seal. Note how the appearance of the floor is instantly enhanced-

Before seal…

After first coat of seal…

After second coat of seal…

After third coat of seal…

Finally, when all coats of seal have been evenly applied & cured, it’s time to step back & admire the beautifully restored marmoelum!

Thank you for reading.

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