Last weekend, Green Man carried out a deep clean of 56 office chairs and four office carpets at a location on Queens Square, Bristol.

Following an initial professional survey, we organised a bespoke clean that would tackle the key issues our client had.

These were:

  • Grubby marks on the arms and upper surfaces of high-end cream office furniture
  • A variety of food/ink/hand marks on standard office chairs
  • Heavy soiling in dark coloured carpets (that were hiding the wear well)

The diagnosis for this combination of issues was a deep- clean using our industry standard eco-sanitising solutions.

In order to ensure a satisfactory result was achieved, we also planned to use several environmentally friendly solvents to initially dry-clean problem areas on the furniture.

Our professional office chair cleaning method

This includes:
1. Vacuuming (using an industrial vacuum with turbo-brush hand tool attached)
2. Spot/stain treatments
3. Eco-friendly/ sanitising pre-spray
4.Rotary agitation (using a motorised brush machine)
5. Rinse extraction (see video below)


Once we had completed the upholstery cleaning, whilst it dried, we were then able to attend to the carpets. In order to ensure the clean was thorough, we took all moveable elements out of each office before proceeding.

Our professional office carpet cleaning method

 A little known fact is that a deep carpet clean employs a very similar method to an upholstery clean, but using a different range of tools. After the initial vacuum (using our trusted Sebo BS36 & BS46s), we stain treat, apply a pre-spray, agitate then rinse extract.

Here’s one of the offices being cleaned (at a slightly faster rate) below:

Once the carpets were cleaned, we replaced all the furniture & conducted a final spot check with our client. All elements were judged good, so we thanked our client, carefully packed all our equipment & left to do our Christmas shopping!