We were contacted last month by a customer who had some student accommodation in Bath & they were looking to have the upholstery within the kitchens cleaned. We arranged for one of our technicians to call round to conduct a short survey to look at the condition of the upholstery & see what specific requirements the customer had. He found there to be 33 modular sofas in poor condition & certainly in need of a deep clean!

Following the successful survey & subsequent quote, this week saw 3 of our technicians spend a productive 2 days carrying out the mammoth clean. As you can see from the accompanying video, the sofas were heavily stained.

The first step in the cleaning process is to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery to extract as much loose soiling & debris as possible.

Then it was time to treat the multitude of stains. Due to the severity of the stains, these required multiple treatments. The solutions we applied where then left to dwell to ensure they breakdown the stains as much as possible.

At this point, an eco-sanitising pre-spray is also applied to the sofas, this too is given time to dwell.

Upholstery Cleaning in Bath Student Accommodation
Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Bath

Once enough time had elapsed for the products to do their job, the sofas are gently agitated using a mixture of hot water & further cleaning solutions. This method ensures the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned not only on the surface but also into some of the padding/stuffing & will help further with any stubborn staining that is remaining.

The final part of the process is the traditional rinse extraction. This is where a large extraction machine is used to remove all the remaining soiling, water & solutions from the upholstery.

All of the above steps in our cleaning process have provided a deep clean to all 33 sofas.

Professional Upholstery cleaning by Green Man

This video shows the finished result on the sofa shown in the previous video. As you can see our cleaning process has resulted in a huge difference to the overall cleanliness & appearance of the sofa.

A huge amount of greasy soiling was lifted from the fabric and, although a few deep-seated stains/damage have remained, I think they look dramatically improved.

Well done Green Man team, you have done a great job!

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