Not long after Christmas, a school in Bath that we have worked with over the years asked us if we could perform a deep-clean of carpets, safety flooring, alphabet rugs & staff room upholstery this Easter.

We arranged a full survey and provided a detailed quotation, which outlined the need for a three van team to attend the school with 5 technicians in total…

Safety floor cleaning

Two members of our team were assigned to deep-cleaning safety flooring in the nursery area of the school. This involved:


  1. Clearing the area
  2. Applying a carefully selected eco-friendly pre-spray that would sanitise the floor
  3. Using a combination of rotary & oscillating pad machines to agitate the floor
  4. Rinse extraction to remove the water & soiling.

Staff Room upholstery cleaning

It will come as no surprise to learn that there were plenty of tea, coffee (and hot chocolate!) stains for us to get stuck into in the staff room.

Thankfully, someone had made the right decision to furnish this staff room with synthetic upholstery. Man-made fibres tend to be much more responsive to stain treatments than natural fibres – this is worth bearing in mind in homes where similar types of staining is likely…

We deep-cleaned the upholstery here using the full professional method and all areas responded extremely well.


Alphabet Rug Cleaning

Most primary schools & nurseries have alphabet rugs. They provide a cosy space for young children to sit on during story-time & other literacy activities. Because of this, they tend to contain a huge amount of soiling and general staining.

In the image above, our technician is performing the final rinse-extraction process (sometimes called steam cleaning) after industrial vacuuming, stain treatments & a sanitising pre-spray.

School Carpet Cleaning

School carpet cleaning is very much like much of the large scale commercial carpet cleaning we perform. The key factors in achieving a good result are ensuring we adhere to the full professional carpet cleaning method to deliver a high volume of soil extraction.

This results in carpeting that not only looks clean, but carpets that we know are deep-cleaned and rid of as much soil & contamination as we could possible achieve.

For more information about Green Man‘s commercial carpet cleaning services, click here.

Our client’s feedback…

Before I got home after the day’s work, I had received an email from the school’s facilities manager. The school caretaker had email her his thoughts just after we left:

“Just to let you know that the carpet cleaners have finished their work here.


As usual their standard of workmanship has been extremely high and our carpets and upholstery are looking great!”

Receiving feedback like this – unasked for- makes all our hard work feel worthwhile.