Quarry tiles & Flagstones in a Bristol Pub – AN OUTSTANDING CLEAN

Professional flagstone cleaning in Bristol

A few week’s back, we were asked to survey for commercial hard floor cleaning in a pub in Bristol. The floor to be cleaned was a mixture of quarry tiles & flagstone/brick – all were in very poor condition and required serious work to bring them back to an acceptable condition.

The Hobgoblin

Professional restoration clean of Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are hard non-porous paving tiles created from ground minerals which are formed into a tile shaped and fired just like bricks. The image below shows the condition before the clean –

Pub quarry tile clean

As you can see, the areas of damage & the grout lines have become extremely greasy. Mopping will probably have exacerbated the problem by simply spreading slurry into the lower areas. Here, it dries out and the detergent leaves a sticky residue, attracting further soiling. Beer spillages are sticky anyway because of their high sugar content.

The only way to improve things here was to use a hot solution that would break the sugary, greasy deposits & agitate using a rotary machine and a manual grout brush…

The finished result?

Professional tile clean

While the imperfections in the tiles remain, the floor here is indisputably clean and looking much more hygienic!

Professional restoration clean of Flagstones

The flagstones in the pub were arranged around the bar area & had suffered the worst of the inevitable spillages…

Professional flagstone cleaning

In order to bring this area back to its best possible potential, we needed to stretch slightly beyond entirely eco-products & introduce a small, dilute amount of plant-based solvent to “cut into” the huge amount of grease & sugar deposits in the flooring.

Our eco-friendly ethos covers nearly every aspect of our work. When it is simply not possible to deliver a satisfactory result using our default environmentally friendly solutions, we will consult with our customer & discuss the options.

In this case, all that was needed was to increase the ph of the product used & to boost it with a citrus solvent (limonene). Oh, and to then clean the floor five times !!!

The finished result here ended up being some of the most spectacular “before & after” images we’ve ever posted.



Professional flagstone cleaning
Professional flagstone cleaning – BEFORE
Professional flagstone cleaning in a pub
Professional flagstone cleaning – AFTER
Flagstone deep cleaning
Flagstone deep cleaning

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