Successful clean of commercial upholstery in Bath

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On a sunny Friday earlier this month, our technician Ollie spent a productive few hours cleaning a host of commercial upholstery at a hall in Peasedown St John, Bath. The mornings clean was a result of one of our technicians conducting a successful survey of the chairs a few weeks prior which meant that Ollie was fully prepared & knew what was ahead of him to achieve the best possible results.

Firstly, Ollie laid tarpaulins under the chairs to protect the floor during the cleaning process. Then he began by thoroughly vacuuming the chairs to remove all the surface debris which prepares them for the rest of the cleaning process.

The chairs are then subject to pre-testing which ensures that our technicians know exactly what material they are working with & can match the products accordingly.

Luckily for Ollie, these chairs were in reasonably good condition, however they were still subject to the entire deep cleaning process which means any stains that he noted were treated appropriately. The products were given time to dwell which helps breakdown the deposits as much as possible prior to rinse extraction.

All of the chairs were then covered in an eco-sanitising pre-spray.

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Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

The last step in the process is the traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning. This is where the extraction machine uses a mixture of hot water & products to thoroughly clean the upholstery. It brings any soiling to the surface which is then extracted along with the water & remaining product. This step in the process is sometimes repeated in the event of heavy soiling, although this was not the case on this occasion.

Deep cleaning of upholstery
Deep cleaning of upholstery

As it was a nice day, Ollie took advantage of the warmer weather & arranged the chairs outside to dry in the sunshine!

All 46 chairs are cleaner, fresher & sanitised as a result of a professional deep clean.

Bath Commercial Cleaning
Bath Commercial Cleaning

If you have any commercial upholstery requirements, you can find more details about this & all of our commercial services here.

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