Successful Commercial carpet clean at Longleat

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Another week, another visit to Longleat for our technician, Joanne. This time it was to clean the carpet in the sweet shop, we have cleaned this before, but due to the huge amount of footfall this shop receives, it requires a professional deep clean a few times a year.

The carpet in the sweet shop doesn’t look like carpet at all. It is a material called Flotex, which is a completely synthetic material that can be printed on to give it many different appearances. Owing to the huge number of fibres per metre on Flotex, it is able to conceal an enormous soil-load

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Effective vacuuming will remove up to 79% of dry soils, so this was an important first stage of our cleaning process.

An eco-friendly pre-spray was then applied to the floor before our technician used a rotary machine & a CRB (contra-rotating brush) machine to agitate the cleaning solution & further break up any stubborn soiling, this helps ensure that the rinse extraction draws out as much as the debris as possible.

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Lastly, an encapsulating solution was applied & brushed into the carpet using the rotary agitation machine, this aids carpet maintenance as it surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can’t attract other soils. The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fibres and are then removed by normal vacuuming, which will generally be done by the on site cleaning staff at regularly scheduled times.

The carpet was certainly looking cleaner as a result of Joanne’s hard work & was all ready to welcome the next lot hungry customers to the shop.

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