Successful day of carpet & rug cleaning in Bristol

Professional Rug Cleaning

The start of a new week saw two of our technicians spend the whole of Monday in Bristol cleaning a large range of carpets, rugs & doormats for a domestic customer. Thankfully there were no heavy stains or anything of particular concern, just general soiling from a busy household.

Starting with the rugs, the first step in the cleaning process is to pre-test them. This is to establish the materials that the rug is made from but also to check for dye-fastness, as we certainly don’t want any colours to run during the clean!

Once this has been done & the technicians know exactly what they are working with, the rugs are placed on tarpaulins to protect the floor & are then thoroughly vacuumed front & back to remove any surface debris.

IMG 20240220 WA0006
IMG 20240220 WA0008

Next, any notable stains are treated & an eco-sanitising pre-spray is applied. These solutions are then given time to dwell to help breakdown as much soiling as possible.

Our technician then gently agitates the rug which works the cleaning solutions & hot water into the rug whilst continuing to break up any stubborn soiling.

The final part of the clean is the traditional rinse extraction. This is where the cleaning solutions, hot water & remaining soiling are extracted from the rug.

IMG 20240220 WA0009
IMG 20240205 WA0013 1
IMG 20240205 WA0016 1

The cleaning process was then repeated many times over as the customer had 8 rugs & 5 doormats to be cleaned!

As there were so many to be cleaned & our technicians were there all day, they used an air mover to help speed up the drying process.

Professional Rug Cleaning
Professional Rug Cleaning

Once the rugs were cleaned & left to dry, it was time to start on the carpet cleaning. The exact same cleaning method used for the rugs was also used on the carpets.

IMG 20240220 WA0007
IMG 20240220 WA0005

The cleaning method used on the rugs, doormats & carpets represents a full deep-clean and was also a green clean.

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