We were recently contacted by restaurant chain, Loungers as they were looking to have a very large sofa cleaned in Monmouth as the front of the cushions were beginning to look a little dull.

So this morning, our technician Pete had an early start as he headed off to Monmouth to clean the sofa before the restaurant opened.

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The sofa was given a full deep clean using our tried & tested method of traditional rinse extraction which gets great results on a well used sofa such as this. The first step in the process is to vacuum the sofa, this removes as much of the surface debris as possible. Next up, Pete treated any notable stains & used a eco-sanitising pre spray which was given time to dwell in-order to break up as much as staining/soiling as possible.

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Once enough time had passed, Pete then used an agitation brush to gently agitate the upholstery which helps bring any remaining soiling to the surface ready for the final part in the cleaning process.

Lastly, it is time for the traditional rinse extraction. This part of the process uses hot water to extract any remaining soiling & product residue.

The end result is a deep clean which is also a green clean & has left the sofa looking much cleaner, fresher & sanitised.

Another job well done by Pete!

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If you are looking to have some commercial upholstery, carpets or flooring professionally cleaned, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us. If you would like further information regarding all the commercial services we offer here, they can be found here – Commercial.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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