Successful team work on Upholstery & Carpet cleaning in Bristol

Earlier this week, Pete & Tom spent most of the day working together on some upholstery & carpet cleaning at a residential address in Bristol. The customer had a vast array of upholstery for cleaning as well as some carpets that needed a little attention after a few potty training incidents!

First up was this large faux velvet sofa, as you can see in this picture, Tom is giving it a thorough vacuum to remove as much surface debris as possible.

Next, he will treat any stains that he can see as well as using a eco-sanitising pre spray, these solutions are then given time to dwell to help break up as much soiling & residue as possible.

The upholstery is then gently agitated to work the cleaning solutions & hot water into the fabric to ensure a deep clean.

Velvet Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol
Velvet Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol
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The final part of the process is the traditional rinse extraction (sometimes known as steam cleaning). This is where all the remaining soiling, products & water are extracted from the upholstery. The sofa is then left to dry naturally.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.49 cbb0c547

Whilst Tom was cleaning the sofa shown above, Pete was carrying out the same process on this large cream corner sofa. There were a few more cushions on this one though!

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.50 9ee35c6f
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.52 e7f6f145

Continuing with the upholstery clean, next up were a selection of armchairs. As before the same cleaning process was used & thankfully the stain treatment worked really well on the stained seat areas of these chairs.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.53 667cbbea

Once all the upholstery had been cleaned & left to dry, it was time to tackle the carpets. On this occasion is was 4 bedroom carpets that needed to be cleaned, with particular attention to some potty training related odours in one bedroom.

The cleaning method followed that of the upholstery cleaning & was a combination of the following:

  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray 
  • Rotary agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning)

Due to the reported odours, an odour neturalising solution was applied to the offending carpet. This is an environmentally friendly solution that is highly effective against odours associated with bodily fluids.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.51 6cd36620
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.51 a143ab47
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.52 db35751c

All the relevant carpets & upholstery have had a deep clean which was also a green clean, great team work from Pete & Tom!

If you would like more information on the domestic services that we offer, please follow this link – Domestic Services

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Superb carpet cleaning at Thornbury Castle

It is always nice when you get repeat business, so it was lovely to head back to Thornbury Castle in Bristol to carry out some carpet cleaning earlier this week.

Following a successful survey carried out by one of our trained technicians back in July, this week saw a team of 3 clean the carpets in the dining room, hallway & bedroom.

This beautiful castle was once owned by Henry VIII & although the carpets are not quite that old, they still needed some tlc to get them back to looking their best!

These stunning wool carpets get a lot of footfall so our traditional rinse extraction method of cleaning was best suited to achieve optimal results.

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 27 at

The process starts with preparing the carpets by thoroughly vacuuming them to lift any surface debris, we then treat any stains that we see, allowing the solutions time to dwell to help the break down of any stubborn soiling.

Next, we apply an eco-sanitising pre-spray before using a rotary agitation machine to gently agitate the carpets & bring any remaining soiling to the surface.

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 27 at
WhatsApp Image 2023 09 27 at
WhatsApp Image 2023 09 27 at

Once all of the above steps have been followed, the carpets are ready for the final part of the process which is the traditional rinse extraction (steam cleaning).

This removes any remaining water, cleaning products & soiling from the carpets. Sometimes if the carpets have shown significant soiling then we may repeat this part of the process to ensure we achieve the best results.

Here is a great little video showing some of the team carrying out the rinse extraction part of the cleaning process.

You may notice the use of air-movers in this video, due to this being a commercial premises we had these running to speed up the drying process so that the customers could use the rooms as soon as possible.

If you are thinking of having some cleaning carried out whether it be rugs, upholstery, hard flooring or carpets, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. All of contact details can be found by here.

You can also find further details to our all commercial cleaning service by visiting the commercial page of our website which can be found here.

And finally, if you are anything like me & love the history of castles, you can find more information about the beautiful Thornbury Castle by visiting their website – Our Tudor History – Thornbury Castle History

Stunning carpet cleaning results in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

Earlier this month, Pete was back in Slimbridge to carry out another domestic clean. This time there were some carpets and runners in need of the Green Man cleaning process.

Professional rug cleaning in Slimbridge

Pete had already been to this property to conduct an in depth survey, so we knew exactly what was required and could get straight to work. The first stage of the Green Man cleaning process is to thoroughly vacuum using a professional vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose dirt and soil from the carpets and runners.

Green Man carpet cleaning in Slimbridge
Rug cleaning in Gloucestershire

After the vacuuming, Pete could move on to treating any spots and stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray.

Staining can be a huge problem in domestic properties, from pets, children and spillages there can be lots to tackle.

It is always helpful for us to know what has caused a stain so we can try to use the most appropriate solutions to remove it.

You can read more about stain removal, as well as how you can try to rescue your own carpets here.

Deep, eco friendly carpet cleaning in Slimbridge
Carpet cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire
Environmentally friendy carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Once the stains have been addressed, Pete could move on to using the rotary agitator to work an environmentally friendly cleaning solution into the fibres to ensure a deep down clean and to remove any embedded dirt. The last step in the process is traditional rinse extraction, also known as steam cleaning. Rinse extraction ensures that the carpets are hygienic and bacteria is addressed. Bacteria can cause odours so removing this is not only crucial ensuring carpets are clean but are odour free and fresh.

Carpet cleaning in Slimbridge

Pete has achieved some fantastic results here on these domestic carpets and runners. They are clean, fresh, more resistant to staining and ready for more family life.

If you have any carpet cleaning requirements you would like the Green Man team to assist you with, please do use the contact us button below and our admin team will be happy to help you. Don’t forget we also offer upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning as well as odour neutralisation treatments.

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Domestic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning in Slimbridge with outstanding results.

Slimbridge, Gloucestershire was the location for a mixture of work for Pete this week. This customer had some carpets and rugs, as well as some upholstery that they wanted to have professionally deep cleaned.

Carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Pete had already visited this property to survey the items and discuss the customers requirements so after an initial walk around to check everything over it was time to get set up and get to work.

This customer had two rugs that needed the Green Man treatment.

Pete started by pretesting the rugs. Dye migration can be a particular issue with rugs so our trained technicians always pretest to ensure the rugs are able to be cleaned safely.

Once it has been established that the rug is suitable for cleaning Pete thoroughly vacuumed the rugs.

After treating any spots and stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray, the agitator is then used to ensure any debris trapped down in the fibres is removed.

A full rinse extraction is then performed to complete the process.

Rug cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire
Domestic rug cleaning in Gloucestershire
Upholstery cleaning in Gloucestershire

Once the rugs were left to dry it was time to tackle the upholstery. There were two upholstery items to be cleaned initially, however after the initial pretest Pete discovered that one of them did not respond well. This meant that had Pete proceeded with the clean, or not done the pretest, the fabric could have been damaged in the process.

At Green Man we care about your property, we always pretest items and we will not proceed if we feel there is a risk of damage to any of your items. We will always take our time to make sure we are thorough and make sure our technicians knowledge and skills are top notch.

Domestic carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Pete then gave the carpeted areas the full Green Man treatment, whilst enjoying this stunning view!

This customer can now be confident that their carpets, upholstery and rugs have been deep cleaned and sanitised. They are now more hygienic and more resistant to staining as part of the process.

If you have any items that you would like the Green Man professional treatment on please contact us using the button below. We would be happy to assist you with any enquiries.

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Wonderful domestic carpet cleaning results in Bath

Domestic carpets get a huge amount of wear and tear just from every day family life. Stains, spillages, and a high volume of footfall over the same area can lead to domestic carpets looking tired and grubby and in need of some TLC.

This lovely property in Bath this week was no exception.

Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath
Carpet cleaning in Bath
Stairs carpet to be cleaned in Bath
Green Man eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath

Ollie got to work with our thorough Green Man process.

This starts with dry extraction of all the carpets to remove any loose soil and dirt, using a professional vacuum cleaner.

Once all the loose dirt has been removed it is time for treating any stains. Staining is one of the biggest problems for domestic carpets and sometimes they cannot be removed. We have several methods to try, especially if we know what the stains are, however on some stained areas the stain may remain.

You can read more about stain removal here.

After the stains have been addressed an environmentally friendly pre spray is applied.

During carpet cleaning in Bath
Bath domestic carpet cleaning

Traditional rinse extraction is the final step in the deep cleaning process. This is deep cleaning using steam to ensure that all ingrained bacteria and soiling is addressed.

Once all this has been completed you can rest assured that your carpets have received a full professional deep clean, which is also environmentally friendly.

Stairs carpet cleaning in Bath
Domestic stair carpet cleaning in Bath
Deep cleaning carpets in Bath
Cleaned and freshened carpets in Bath
Bath eco friendly carpet cleaning

As you can see from these images, Ollie has achieved some incredible results! These carpets are hugely improved in appearance, not to mention they are now sanitary and fresh.

These impressive results were achieved in Bath but we can also provide this service in Bristol, Swindon, Cardiff, and Gloucestershire so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to enquire about carpet cleaning for your own home or business please do not hesitate to use the contact us button to start the process to rejuvenate your carpets.

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Professional clean of carpets, upholstery and sisal rugs near Bath.

Several members of the team were working together on professional carpet, upholstery and sisal rug cleaning near Bath this week.

The size of the rugs meant it was wise for several technicians to work together to achieve some outstanding results in a timely manner.

Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath

These beautiful light coloured carpets were given the thorough Green Man professional service.

This included a combination of vacuuming, spot/stain treatments, an eco sanitising pre-spray, rotary agitation and traditional rinse extraction.

This process ensures that any deep down embedded dirt is lifted and removed and the carpets are sanitised and refreshed. They are back looking at their best following this deep clean.

Professional carpet cleaning in Bath 1

Next up it was time to tackle the large sisal rugs.

The cellulosic fibres in sisal mean that it cannot be treated with the same method as other carpets. If we did clean sisal in the same method, it would become overwet and the structure would break down. This would ruin the sisal.

The first stage for cleaning sisal is a thorough deep vacuum. With the professional vacuums we use we are able to adjust the rotating brush bar to ensure it is working deep down into the fibres of the sisal to remove deep down embedded dirt.

After the vacuuming it is time for the application of a cleaning compound, which you can see here in the image to the right.

Sisal carpet cleaning in Bath

Large sisal rug cleaning in Bath

The cleaning compound is a natural, biodegradable material that can absorb any soiling that has been resistant to the vacuuming.

This method is known as VLM, very low moisture cleaning and allows sisal to be cleaned without damaging any fibres.

Once the compound has dried it is then vacuumed once more.

This sisal is then left freshened and deodorised.

Green Man team clean in Bath
Eco Friendly rug cleaning in Bath

Jon and Ollie can be seen here working together to ensure all the VLM compound is thoroughly removed from these large sisal rugs.

The team also worked on some upholstery to remove some spot stains. You can read more about our stain removal process here.

If you want the professional Green Man results for items in your own home, or business, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the button below.

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Successful & effective commercial carpet deep clean

On a warm & sunny Saturday, two of our technicians were hard at work at a commercial studio in Bath. The bright & contemporary office requested a deep clean of their carpets throughout to remove some visible stains as well as ensuring they were clean & sanitised.

Rinse extraction carpet
Rinse extraction carpet

It was great to return to a office space where we have cleaned the carpets on a yearly basis over the past 3 years. Giving the carpets a thorough deep clean once a year keeps them looking better for longer.

This office & studio had a mixture of carpets including some nice bright & bold designs which were a little grubby in places. High traffic areas such as reception, walkways & under desks are prone to dirt building up & benefit from a yearly deep clean.

Office carpet clean
Office carpet clean
Successful rinse extraction
Successful rinse extraction

There are many steps involved in our process of giving your carpets a successful deep clean, one of those is to treat any stains, as necessary. As you can see in the left hand picture above, there was some heavy staining in this area due to a recent flood, however successfully pre-treating this meant that the finished result left it looking as good as new. Both of the pictures shown above demonstrate how effective each step of the process is, including the final task of traditional rinse extraction which produces very satisfying results & is successful in restoring the carpet to it’s original brightness.

Modern carpet cleaning
Modern carpet cleaning

If you are thinking about having your commercial flooring cleaned, we are happy to come out & conduct a full survey so that we can tailor each clean to match the individual needs of you & your business. We can also offer out of hours & weekend cleans in-order to keep your business operating as normal.

As well as flooring, we also offer a range of other services which may benefit your business. More about what we have on offer, can be found on our website or by following this link – Commercial & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bath & Bristol Area (

Carpet tiles deep clean
Carpet tiles deep clean

If you would like to enquire about our commercial services or to book a survey, please use the button below to get in touch.

How to keep your carpets looking great for longer.

When thinking about maintaining the upkeep of your home, we often think about decorating, garden makeovers, possibly a kitchen or bathroom renovation but the flooring, specifically the carpets are often overlooked.

The life expectancy of a carpet varies hugely based on the usage & care shown to it over the first few years following installation. Allowing soiling & stains to go untreated cuts their life-span down significantly.

Should you vacuum every day? Yes, nearly 85% of dirt found in carpets is bought in on peoples footwear. This dirt then sinks into the fibers of the carpet where it accumulates & therefore becomes more difficult to remove. The best way to beat this is to vacuum every day, preferably using a high quality vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming carpets can also release any allergens that are embedded within the fibres into the air where they are then inhaled & potentially cause allergy symptoms. Choosing a machine that has a air (HEPA) filter will also effectively remove allergens & a fully sealed system to prevent them from purposely being released.

Before and after of footfall marks
Before and after of footfall marks
Deep clean of wool carpet in childs nursery in the Cotswolds 1
Deep clean of wool carpet in childs nursery in the Cotswolds 1

Conducting an annually or bi-annually professional carpet clean is also recommended. This involves a much more thorough deep clean & will ensure any remaining soiling is removed.

Always use a certified company for a hot water extraction to ensure that it is done properly.

If you have a spillage on your carpet, it will most likely stain the carpet if not treated straight away. Applying a good stain protector can significantly reduce the likelihood of spillages causing permanent staining, as long as you are able to address the issue fairly soon.

A stain protector can be applied after a professional clean has been performed or once you have bought a new carpet. Either way, a quality stain protector will help protect your carpets for longer.

Carpet stain protection in Bath and Bristol

Carpet repairs are something that doesn’t often cross peoples minds. However if you have damage to your carpet such as a burn, hole or permanent stain, this can potentially be repaired.

A successful repair depends on their being a donor piece of the same carpet available. This can either be an off-cut or taken from a cupboard or an out of the way area. Ideally there should be more donor carpet than the area that needs repairing.

During a carpet repair in Bristol
During a carpet repair in Bristol
After picture of a successful carpet repair in Bristol.
After picture of a successful carpet repair in Bristol.

If you would like to enquire about any of the services we have mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you for reading!

Cottage clean on May Hill

Deep clean on May Hill

IMG 1095 scaled

A few week’s ago, we conducted a full survey of carpets & upholstery near May Hill.

Following on from our quotation, we were asked to conduct the clean last week, so myself & one of our Quedgeley based technicians spent the day in a lovely corner of Gloucestershire.

The scope of the work included four traditional wool rugs, a large embroidered sofa, as well as six decent sized rooms & two staircases. 

It was definitely a full days’ cleaning for two of us!

In some ways, the professional cleaning of all soft furnishings involves a similar process:

  • Dry extraction
  • Stain treatments, as necessary
  • Application of a fabric-specific pre-spray
  • (An appropriate level of) Agitation
  • Some form of extraction of the soils etc. that have been made soluable

Today, we needed to work efficiently to ensure all items received the same level of attention.

Sofa after initial vacuuming scaled

As you can see in the upper right hand corner of the photo, there was a noticeable greasy deposit bound into the fabric that would need some specific attention.

After a careful vacuuming of all elements of the sofa, it soon became apparent that the cushions continued to hold on to a significant amount of dust.

For this reason, I took them each outside and gave them a sound beating the old fashioned way 😉

Once this initial dry extraction was complete, it was time to apply a pre-spray. In this case, it was our hi-tech eco-friendly sanitising cleaning solution that  a c t i v e l y  breaks down soils & greases into easily rinseable molecules.

Applying eco friendly pre spray to upholstery scaled

Once this was complete, I agitated the solution deep into the fabric using a soft brush.

After a short dwell time, it was time to rinse extract…

Rinse extracting upholstery using an atomising hand tool scaled
Precise rinse extractionsteam cleaning of upholstery scaled

In order to deal with the greasy stain, an additional orange-extract based solvent was applied, then immediately extracted.

Our technicians are fully trained and work hard to deliver an outstanding clean every time. We take pride in sourcing the best eco-friendly products available to ensure that we can clean with a clean conscience. 

Sometimes there are specific types of stains that will not respond to the range of plant-derived solutions we use. If this is the case, we will consult with our customers & decide what the best way forward is. Occasionally, this will involve the measured application of a professional-grade, fabric safe solvent. If this is done, it will then be fully rinsed & disposed of responsibly according to PAS 64 standards.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

After we had lunch, I began to work through the variety of rugs. Owing to their age & continued use, these each carried a considerable soil-load and required extensive vacuuming & back-beating.

Take a look at the short (poor quality) video as a guage of what these types of rugs can yield up. This footage was taken after an initial vacuum to both sides of the rug, followed by back-beating…

Once I’d removed as much dry soil as possible, the rugs were each pre-sprayed, agitated, then rinse extracted.

Rug cleaning on May Hill scaled
Eco friendly rug cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

We were delighted to be given both a space to air the rugs, as well as the apparatus to hang them on! This is not usually the case and we generally leave air-movers to accelerate drying.

Rug drying after eco friendly clean 2 scaled
Rug drying after deep eco friendly clean scaled

Now we really were getting toward the tail end of the day & Pete was finishing the stairs.

The final process was to deep-clean the downstairs carpets-

Redefining the meaning of green cleaning!

Traditional rinse extraction of wool carpet in Gloucestershire scaled
Eco friendly lounge clean scaled

When all elements of the work had been completed, we conducted a walk-through with the customer. I’m pleased to say she was delighted with each aspect of the clean.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you keep your home cleaner & greener, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Professional vacuuming prior to carpet clean

Pete began upstairs by carefully moving all items of furniture. The Green Man team will usually move most furniture by default, only leaving very heavy or fragile items in place.

Once this was done, he conducted a full professional vacuum of all areas using our industry-standard Sebo BS36.

This machine has two independent motors – one for powerful vacuuming, one to power the beater bar, generating a deep level of agitation to coax out the deepest of dry soils!

A carpet after a deep eco friendly clean.

While Pete worked upstairs cleaning the carpets, I began with the sofa.

This particular item was from the 1960’s, British made with a complex embroidered fabric that needed a gentle touch. 

Frome Carpet Cleaning

Whilst carpet cleaning in Frome the other day, we passed this field that had one or two new-born calves tottering about in it. Although carpet cleaning is hard work, the variety of each day and the fact that it takes outside of Frome through the surrounding countryside, is one of its many positives.

Eco friendly cleaning Frome e1557901532845

One of the key benefits of booking a professional carpet clean from our Frome-based service is the skill & tools that such a service brings. 

Stage 1 of our work is dry extraction using a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. Usually using a Sebo BS36, this process can recover of 70% of soils latent in the carpet.

Stage 2 is Spot & Stain work. Green Man carry a broad range of solutions to treat the huge variety of stains we encounter. While we cannot guarantee every stain will vanish, we are all fully trained and guarantee to do everything we can to dramatically improve matters.

Stage 4 is application of our eco-friendly pre-spray. This is superior to traditional detergents, free-rinsing & will sanitise all areas.

Stage 5 is agitation. In the image to the left, you see our carpet & upholstery cleaning technician agitating the carpet. This works the solution evenly through the carpet & assists in breaking down stubborn soils.

Professional carpet cleaning in Frome e1557901908312

Stage 6 is usually traditional rinse extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning. Our customers in Frome, Rode, Mells & Bruton are often surprised to learn that it is not steam that we use to rinse a carpet.

In the image, you see our manager wielding a carpet cleaning wand. This tool fires an atomised solution of water and rinse additive into the carpet, which is simultaneously recovered (along with all the soils, greases etc. which we have rendered soluble) by a powerful vacuum unit.

Because our process is eco-friendly, the additive we use carries environmentally harmless encapsulating polymers which deodorise your carpet & leave it more resistant to staining.

As a carpet & upholstery cleaning company operating in Frome, we sometimes need to deal with much heavier levels of soiling than normally found in a domestic environment. For these types of job, we bring along our mobile truck mount machine, the Jaguar 8.4.

Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Rinse
Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Jaguar 8.4 1

If you have any questions about any of our range of services, or if you live outside of our normal range of operations (Frome, Rode, Trowbridge, Bruton etc.), feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.