The Green Man carpet cleaning team are coming together to speed-clean all carpeted areas in two communal houses, as well as all the offices, meeting areas & shared spaces at The Beehive.

Location 1:

3 flights of stairs & landings & one long hall

[Distance to Location 2: 1.5 miles through busy traffic]

Location 2

6 flights of stairs & landings, one pretty grubby lounge & one hall

[Distance to Location 3: 1.1 miles through busy traffic]

Location 3

4 offices of varying sizes (1 large, 2 medium, 1 small), 2 long corridors, stairs, large meeting space & four small meeting rooms.


Please make a donation to DHI on our behalf and send your estimate of how long you think the work will take.

The closest estimate wins a free professional eco-friendly lounge or sofa clean…

Send your estimation to

Some videos of us at work to help your judgement! …

G O O D     L U C K!