Last week, our team carried out a deep-clean & re-polish of a large wooden floor at Ston Easton village hall. 

The following images & text give an overview of our work…


1. The first job involved the clearing of the hall & the removal of dirt & the old finish from the wood floor. We swept the floor to begin with, then used an eco-friendly solution & abrasive pads on a rotary machine to strip the flooring back.

This type of process is generally viewed as an middle ground between cleaning & wood floor sanding. Sanding is generally much more expensive than this type of work. Judge for yourselves how the finished product looks…



The work included the lovely skittle alley.

We prepared this area with less agitation than the rest of the hall, because of its cambered & more highly polished surface….


3. Once the entire wood floor had been prepared, we used air-movers to accelerate the drying of the area. On the following day, we applied the two new coats of polish…
Here’s how it looked in the end-
If you are looking to renew a wooden floor without the expense of sanding, it might be worth contacting us & asking for a free survey. One of our team will offer honest advice as to whether or not we can help. After the work was done, it felt fitting to try out the acoustics in the hall with my new hobby – thank you for reading!