Wonderful commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

Green Man upholstery cleaning

Ollie was in Frome recently, where a business in the business park required our professional commercial upholstery cleaning services. This commercial property had two upholstered sofas that needed the Green Man treatment.

Green Man upholstery cleaning in Frome
Green Man commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome
Frome upholstery cleaning

Once Ollie had got all of the equipment ready and moved into the building it was time to get his work area set up and assess the sofas and check the customers requirements.

The company had two of these lovely grey sofas that were to be fully professionally deep cleaned.

Commercial upholstery cleaning

Ollie then started with dry extracting the sofas, this is vacuuming.

Using an industry standard vacuum cleaner all the loose debris and soil is removed from the fabric, and the hard to reach areas.

Spot and stain treatments are next, any areas of concern are addressed with environmentally friendly solutions. Common areas for staining are the arms and sofa seat cushions. Grubby hands holding onto the arms and spillages are common problems.

Frome commercial upholstery cleaning

An eco sanitising pre-spray is then applied before moving on to agitation. Agitation, whether done by hand or by using a machine, is to release any embedded dirt and soil that is deep down within the fibres.

Rinse extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is the final stage in the process. This is the step in the process which provides the deepest level of cleaning and sanitises the upholstery.

Deep cleaning of upholstery in Frome
Deep commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

The cushions are then left in a manner that the most air flow can get around as much of the surface area as possible. This aids a speedy drying time.

Ollie has achieved some fantastic results here and these sofas are looking as good as new and are ready to be used by customers and staff.

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