Odour Control

When unusual or unpleasant smells linger in your property, you may find you need professional assistance to determine the cause. Our team are certified by the international body, the IICRC in Odour Control and fully equipped to help.

  • Our first stage of odour control is to Remove or eliminate the source. In light to moderate odour situations, odour control usually begins in the source area. This sometimes involves a certain amount of detective work, but is important to ensure we are focussing on the root cause of the problem.
  • Second Principle: Clean (or “Treat”) the source area. Smells & odours are usually caused by bacteria or volatile compounds which will leave a detectable trace even after the offending source is eliminated. For this reason, the surrounding area will often need to be treated with a commercial grade cleaning solution.
  • Third Principle: Recreate the conditions of contamination by penetrating the affected areas in the same manner as the original contamination was deposited. This will be done with a odour pairing or neutralising agent in order not to simply mask the smell, but to chemically deactivate it.
IICRC Water Restoration Technician

Who are the IICRC?

The IICRC is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a non-profit organization for the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Industries. The IICRC, originally named the  International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc. (IICUC), was founded in 1972 by Ed York.  Since starting in 1972, the IICRC has evolved into a global organization with more than 60,000 active Certified Technicians and more than 6,000 Certified Firms around the world.

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