Pet related treatments for carpets, rugs & upholstery

Our pets bring a lot of fun & joy into our homes, but there are also a wide range of potential problems that pets can bring to soft furnishings. Unless your pets happen to be toilet trained & know to wipe their feet on the mat, they will add an additional level of soiling to carpets & upholstery, and sometimes cause permanent damage.

The most common issues that we find are as follows:

  • Pet urine
  • Urine odours
  • Carpet damage
  • Upholstery damage

Pet urine & odours

“Animals are creatures of habit!”


Perhaps the most difficult problem we encounter as carpet cleaners is pet urine. Cat urine, dog urine, rabbit urine, chinchilla urine…  “animals are creatures of habit” which means that, by the time you notice the issue, there will be an accumulation that has penetrated deep into the underlay. Urine starts as an acid, but then gradually becomes alkali as elements within it turn to ammonia – all of these are bad news, particularly for carpets with a high wool content. As it dries, urine deposits uric salts which will attract moisture and cause odours. This is why some odours seems to come & go.

Pet urine related issues will usually require one of our technicians to make a visit & conduct a thorough survey.

Removing pet urine from a carpet

UV lights & moisture meters helps us to detect where urine deposits exists, allowing for a precise deployment of treatments.

Pet urine removal

Once we have located all the areas that need decontaminating, we will apply an industry-standard urine neutalising agent that “combines oxidizers with enzymes and odour encapsulants to remove even the toughest pet urine odours and stains”.

This is allowed a lengthy dwell to do its work, and then is fully extracted (along with the urine deposits) using a water claw…

Green Man pet urine treatment

Our “water claw”

The water claw is an excellent tool which enables us to address contamination in the underlay (and even sub-floor) without necessarily having the lift the carpet.

However, long term issues will often require the uplift of your carpet, removal of the underlay & replacement. 

Flushing out urine stains using the water claw

Some animals seem to love testing their claws on your soft furnishings. There are multiple alternatives available to them outside but, for some pets, only your fine soft furnishings will do!

Unfortunately, we are not able to repair upholstery. This is because swatches of fabric are not designed to be patched. It may be possible to find a local upholsterer willing to consider a patch job, but sourcing a perfect match is likely to be extremely difficult. The good news is that we can repair carpets. Please refer to our Carpet Repair page for more details…

If you have any other pet-related issues that you would like to discuss, please do feel free to get in touch with us using your nearest branch number or our Contact Page.

We are always willing to give you advice or arrange a short survey.

Carpet & upholstery damage from your pet

Pet urine on carpet 1