Hotel corridor carpet cleaning in Bristol

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Last week, Green Man carried out a deep clean of a large hotel in the city centre, Bristol. Built in 2015, this 3.5-star hotel has 186 rooms over 7 floors.

We had conducted a full survey prior to Christmas, and organised a bespoke clean that would tackle some significant areas of heavy soiling.

These were:

  • 7 floors of corridors with heavy wear and staining. A total area of 582 m2 of hotel carpeting.
  • Heavy soiling to the areas adjacent to lifts on all floors.
  • Heavy wear and soiling to four flights of stairs.

The diagnosis for this variety of issues was a combination-clean using our industry standard eco-sanitising solutions, and both rinse extraction & low-moisture machines.

Our professional hotel carpet cleaning method

This includes:
1. Vacuuming (using an industrial vacuum with three-stage filters)
2. Spot/stain treatments (using a wide array of eco-solvents & micro-splitters to tackle all manner of staining)
3. Eco-friendly/ sanitising pre-sprays
4. Rotary agitation (using a motorised brush machine) to work solutions throughout the carpet pile and further break down soil deposits.
5. Rinse extraction

Some thoughts on hotel corridor carpet cleaning

Once you’ve begun, cleaning hotel corridor carpets can cause you to enter a trance-like state. The repeating patterns in this type of commercial carpet are designed to look pleasant, but also to mask spots & stains.

This is a fact well worth noting when choosing your next carpet for the home.

The classic cream carpet is by far the most common carpet we find in most households. Cream is not a poor choice, unless you wear outdoor shoes in the home – in which case, you’ll soon see a defined traffic lane of accumulated soils across your well-worn tracks in and out of that room! Those outdated Axminster patterned carpets from the 70s & 80s were carefully designed to deliver maximum wear without revealing these walked through areas.

Commercial carpets are just about the only arena where patterned carpets remain in vogue. If you  spend four consecutive hours a day manoeuvring vacuums & carpet cleaning machinery back and forth across this psychedelic pathways, you may find it can lead to a mild hallucinatory experience. At the very least, it’s easy to lose track of exactly where you are and on which floor!

The end product

At the end of day two, I conducted a final check of the work done.

Generally, I felt satisfied that we had done a professional job. Already, the rotary pads and rinse water had indicated a colossal amount of soiling and stains had been effectively removed from the carpets. However, there were several floors where, as a team, we felt we could do better. In collaboration with the hotel manager, we scheduled an additional half-day’s cleaning the following week at no additional charge as part of our honour guarantee. It is important to us that we ensure high standards on every job we do.

After the following week’s re-clean, the final email from the manager said,

“Thanks Jon for the work by your team and yourself.

We are very pleased….

Hopefully we will speak to you again in the future to arrange additional cleaning as and when required.”

 Every member of the Green Man team is committed to high standards. Like all human beings, we don’t get everything right all of the time. However, unlike many, we have an open commitment to always return and re-clean free of charge, whatever the issue

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