IICRC Water Restoration Technician Certification

Last week, Green Man attended the excellent IICRC Water Restoration Technician training course at The National Flood School in Alton. Over the course of three days, the course outlines all aspects of professional flood response & restoration.

Day 1 – We began with looking at the different classes of water typically found in a flood situation. The different classifications are based on levels of contamination & potential risk.

This was followed by looking at insurance categories and how to ensure our initial assessments comply with the standard protocols of a possible insurance claim.

The correct use of moisture sensors & essential PPE was also covered.

Day 2 –  We next looked in detail at how to conduct the initial survey & ensure that a sufficiently detailed assessment of all potential flood damage is recorded. A Drying Plan is a key tool, but relies on accurate measurements taken correctly. This is exactly the area we need to make sure we get consistently right so that we can monitor how well we are recovering water from a flood.

In the afternoon, we began to get into the mathematics & science of Psychrometry.

Day 3 – On the last day, we looked in detail at permeance (how materials absorb & release water vapour), and practised using relative humidity graphs to establish to exact water content of a given area, enabling us to precisely deploy the correct number of dehumidifiers & air movers.

The afternoon was taken up with the IICRC exam. Because the IICRC is based in the USA, we will have to wait about a month until we get our results.

Fingers crossed…

IICRC Water Restoration Technician

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