Wonderful commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

Ollie was in Frome recently, where a business in the business park required our professional commercial upholstery cleaning services. This commercial property had two upholstered sofas that needed the Green Man treatment.

Green Man upholstery cleaning in Frome
Green Man commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome
Frome upholstery cleaning

Once Ollie had got all of the equipment ready and moved into the building it was time to get his work area set up and assess the sofas and check the customers requirements.

The company had two of these lovely grey sofas that were to be fully professionally deep cleaned.

Commercial upholstery cleaning

Ollie then started with dry extracting the sofas, this is vacuuming.

Using an industry standard vacuum cleaner all the loose debris and soil is removed from the fabric, and the hard to reach areas.

Spot and stain treatments are next, any areas of concern are addressed with environmentally friendly solutions. Common areas for staining are the arms and sofa seat cushions. Grubby hands holding onto the arms and spillages are common problems.

Frome commercial upholstery cleaning

An eco sanitising pre-spray is then applied before moving on to agitation. Agitation, whether done by hand or by using a machine, is to release any embedded dirt and soil that is deep down within the fibres.

Rinse extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is the final stage in the process. This is the step in the process which provides the deepest level of cleaning and sanitises the upholstery.

Deep cleaning of upholstery in Frome
Deep commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

The cushions are then left in a manner that the most air flow can get around as much of the surface area as possible. This aids a speedy drying time.

Ollie has achieved some fantastic results here and these sofas are looking as good as new and are ready to be used by customers and staff.

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Mosaic floor cleaning in Frome Town Hall

When I was asked to survey the historic mosaic floors in Frome Town Hall, I felt I had to go. Here was the sort of job that does not come around that often- an opportunity to enhance and preserve an important public space. The survey went well and I determined that the tiles would respond well to an eco-friendly deep-clean, followed by application of an eco-friendly floor seal.

How we cleaned the floor

We swept the floor using a scissor mop, which efficiently captures leaves & loose debris. After this, we brought in the rotary machine & wet vac, as well as solutions & sprayers.

The solution used in this clean was a ph neutral eco-floor cleaner.

Tiled floor cleaner in Frome
Professional eco friendly cleaning in Frome

Cleaning with a Numatic rotary machine combines the action of a commercial cleaning solution to break down soils etc. with the correct level of agitation (provided by the machine & a foam pad beneath the machine). Together, soils held in the floor are lifted & emulsified, ready to be extracted & removed with a Numatic wet vac machine, as seen in the video below:

The area cleaned is about 80 m2.

Using this method, the initial deep-clean took around 3 hours.

After the mosaic floor had been, it then needed to be rinsed to ensure no cleaning solution or dirt was left. A mosaic floor such as this has an immense matrix of grout lines which lie at a lower level than the tiny tiles themselves. This is where grime builds up.

Without the rinse process, it is likely that cleaning solution could dry & form a sticky deposit that would attract dirt & cause rapid “re-soiling”.

To rinse the floor, we used pressurised pump sprayers and jetted the grout lines at close range, then recovered the water using the wet vac.

Stone floor cleaning in Frome
Professional hard floor cleaning in Frome

After the floor was completely rinsed clean, we then left it to dry overnight.

The floor needs to be fully dry so that it is ready to accept new coats of sealant. Too high a moisture content could mean that the new seal would not be absorbed, or that it could react with the water & fail.

Applying Ecoprotec environmentally friendly floor seal

Here at Green Man, we continue to refine our methods & materials to be able to deliver a service that is as environmentally neutral as possible. Floor seals used to be a difficult aspect of this.

Ecoprotec are a range of cleaners and sealers that benefit from the most advanced research in eco-friendly, water-based technology. As such, they support our mission to provide an outstanding cleaning service with genuine green cleaning credentials.

EcoProTec floor sealer

We used Ecoprotec colour enhancing stone sealer for this project.

This water-based impregnating sealer provides an enhanced natural finish which allows surface to breathe. This is important on a historic floor because it is uncertain that there is a damp proof course. This seal strongly repels water, oil & grease and helps protect against staining.

Commercial stone cleaning

When we apply the seal, it initially looks glossy.

The seal took less than an hour to dry. Once it has dried, it leaves the floor looking natural with no enhanced reflectivity, but noticeably enhanced colours…

Professional mosaic floor cleaning and sealing
Using EcoProTec tile sealer

Final thoughts

When you consider how to go about improving & protecting the appearance of a historic floor (or any stone floor), it makes sense to specify a method that will bring the floor to its best potential condition. Once this is achieved, it is equally important to choose a seal that will deliver long lasting protection. If this can be done without toxic/harmful chemicals, then it benefits everyone who has to live in that interior.

We really enjoyed this clean. It was a privilege to be able to bring life & warmth back to the town hall floor.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free survey, please use our contact form or give us a call.

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Professional mosaic floor cleaning

Successful & effective commercial carpet deep clean

On a warm & sunny Saturday, two of our technicians were hard at work at a commercial studio in Bath. The bright & contemporary office requested a deep clean of their carpets throughout to remove some visible stains as well as ensuring they were clean & sanitised.

Rinse extraction carpet
Rinse extraction carpet

It was great to return to a office space where we have cleaned the carpets on a yearly basis over the past 3 years. Giving the carpets a thorough deep clean once a year keeps them looking better for longer.

This office & studio had a mixture of carpets including some nice bright & bold designs which were a little grubby in places. High traffic areas such as reception, walkways & under desks are prone to dirt building up & benefit from a yearly deep clean.

Office carpet clean
Office carpet clean
Successful rinse extraction
Successful rinse extraction

There are many steps involved in our process of giving your carpets a successful deep clean, one of those is to treat any stains, as necessary. As you can see in the left hand picture above, there was some heavy staining in this area due to a recent flood, however successfully pre-treating this meant that the finished result left it looking as good as new. Both of the pictures shown above demonstrate how effective each step of the process is, including the final task of traditional rinse extraction which produces very satisfying results & is successful in restoring the carpet to it’s original brightness.

Modern carpet cleaning
Modern carpet cleaning

If you are thinking about having your commercial flooring cleaned, we are happy to come out & conduct a full survey so that we can tailor each clean to match the individual needs of you & your business. We can also offer out of hours & weekend cleans in-order to keep your business operating as normal.

As well as flooring, we also offer a range of other services which may benefit your business. More about what we have on offer, can be found on our website or by following this link – Commercial & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bath & Bristol Area (greenmancleaning.co.uk)

Carpet tiles deep clean
Carpet tiles deep clean

If you would like to enquire about our commercial services or to book a survey, please use the button below to get in touch.

Commercial Flotex carpet cleaning at Longleat, Warminster.

Towards the end of last year, we were asked to survey the commercial shop floors at Longleat. As with the sweet shop we cleaned a few weeks ago, these large areas of carpet are made of Flotex. This is a completely synthetic material that can be printed on to give it many different appearances. 

The brief: We were tasked with cleaning one very large commercial floor and a medium sized floor as efficiently as possible. The floors needed to be properly deep-cleaned, but dry as quickly as possible.

Large carpet cleaning team
Large carpet cleaning team
Commercial carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning

The method: In order to complete the work within a day, we sent 4 vans to Longleat. Each van contains a full set of professional carpet cleaning equipment, but we worked in pairs to carry out the work:

  • All four of us vacuumed the floor space to begin with. Owing to the huge number of fibres per metre on Flotex, it is able to conceal an enormous soil-load. Effective vacuuming will remove up to 79% of dry soils, so this was an important stage.
  • We then applied an eco-friendly pre-spray.
  • We then used both a rotary machine & a CRB (contra-rotating brush) machine to agitate the cleaning solution & further break up any stubborn soiling
Rotary agitation of Flotex flooring
Rotary agitation of Flotex flooring
Agitation of Flotex floor using a crb machine
Agitation of Flotex floor using a crb machine

Once complete, we left a set of commercial air-movers & dehumidifiers to ensure rapid drying.

Quick dry commercial carpet cleaning
Quick dry commercial carpet cleaning

The result: The water recovered from the carpets was nearly black. This is the great trick of Flotex – it can appear quite bright & acceptable, while storing a vast amount of heavy soiling.

That said, when I returned later to pick up our drying kit, muddy footsteps were already visible on the entrance areas of each shop, owing to the two named storms over the weekend!

If you would like to arrange a free survey of your commercial flooring or simply have a question, please feel free to get in touch using the Contact page, or give us a call.

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Specialist velvet upholstery cleaning

Pure cotton velvet requires careful attention & is easy to damage through rinse extraction cleaning. Because it is a “cut pile”, the individual cotton threads will tend to compact when wet.

It is for this reason that many upholstery cleaning companies will either refuse to clean velvet, or insist on using large quantities of volatile solvents to do the job. Dry cleaning solvent has its place in the arsenal of a professional fabric cleaner, but will not yield particularly good results for a general clean.

The owner of this particular velvet sofa had informed us that their cat had urinated on the fabric multiple times & that the visible damage & odour needed professional attention.

Avoiding damage

Stain removal from velvet

This image & the (very dull!) video below demonstrate how wetting affects a velvet pile and- importantly- how using a velvet “boffin” brush can reset the pile & reduce the risk of damage.

Removing pet urine from velvet

Urine will always leave uric salts within fabric, which need neutralising & removing. This creates an interesting problem when the fabric is velvet, as we will usually be looking to use as little moisture as possible to avoid potential damage.

In this case, our technician applied a specific urine neutralising solution to the velvet in minimal quantities using a sponge, rather than spraying it directly onto the fabric. This reduced the chance of the pile collapsing & ensured that we were able to remove the cat pee odour.

Our team are IICRC approved in Odour Control & have a range of solutions & equipment to tackle most issues.

Conclusion: The final result (which, alas, we forgot to photograph) was an odourless, sanitised & visually clean velvet sofa which our client was delighted with. This type of work tends to take a little longer than standard upholstery cleaning, but we find it very satisfying when we can bring this luxury fabric back to its true potential condition.

If you have any questions about our professional velvet cleaning process, please get in touch.

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Cleaning & sealing a Victorian tiled hallway

Many homes from the Victorian/Edwardian era contain skillfully laid tiled hallways. When they were originally installed, they would have then been cleaned & oiled at least once a week. In the more recent modern era, mopping is the main method of cleaning and brings with it a few issues.

“What has this floor been cleaned with?”

The chances are that most tiled floors are cleaned with a general detergent based solution. Over time, the sticky residues left by mopping with detergent accumulate in the grout lines and flaws in the tiles, attracting further dirt. If this is combined with insufficient rinsing, then you will find that entrance tiles can soon lose their vibrant colours beneath layers of soil.

Victorian tile cleaning in Cheltenham
Pointing finger L

This image shows a typical example. The floor is actually quite recent, but a regime of heavy footfall & standard mopping has lead to a dull, faded appearance.

After an initial survey to determine the quality of the installation & integrity of the tiles, our technician performed a simple test of the seal (this is done by pouring a small amount of water onto the surface of a section of tiles to see if the water is absorbed).

Any absorption indicates that the seal has failed & will require new applications of a sealant. 

The Clean

Stage One:

First of all, we conduct a thorough sweep & dry extraction of all debris & loose material on the floor.

Stage Two:

Next, we apply an eco-friendly tile specific alkali cleaning solution to break down historic deposits of soil, grease and layers of ingrained detergent residues. We do this in stages, using either a rotary machine or a more specialist agitating device (example video below) to ensure the floor is scubbed as thoroughly as possible.

How we deep-clean & re-seal Victorian tiles

Stage 3:

After the cleaning solution has broken down the layers of dirt in the tiles, we extract the resulting slurry using a rinse extraction machine or a “wet pick-up”. We then clean & rinse the floor again using pure water only. This tends to be the last stage of Day 1.

Stage 4:

On Day 2, only after the floor is completely dry, we begin applying the new layers of seal. The type of seal depends on the preferred finish type of the homeowner – in this case, we were instructed to put down a satin finish. After the initial layer has been applied, we allow the seal to dry or “cure” before applying further coats.

“A completely reinvigorating facelift”

Pointing finger

After 3 layers of sealant have been applied, the job is complete.

You can see in the image opposite that not only have these tiles been deeply cleaned, but that their colours are now enhanced.

This is the beauty of applying the right type of seal – you are protecting your floor from scuffs & spills, as well as giving the very first area of your home that people see a completely reinvigorating facelift.

Victorian tile sealing in Cheltenham

If you have any questions regarding the cleaning, sealing or general maintenance of your floor tiles, or any type of stone or laminate flooring, please do get in touch using either our  CONTACT page, or by calling your local branch of Green Man using the number at the top of the page.

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TV series upholstery cleaning under Covid!

Yesterday, our senior technician Rodney Gray attended a TV location to conduct a commercial upholstery clean.


The situation

Professional sofa cleaning

The modern looking suite had sat on a shelf in one of the large London prop-houses and had become dusty and probably a little damp. The shoot was imminent & the upholstery needed a professional deep clean to a high standard.

The need for a quick response was clear & we despatched our most experienced technician within 24 hours.

A professional deep-clean of props that have been hired presents an interesting situation. The items do not belong to the tv production team, so if these sofas & armchairs were damaged, the production company (and then us!) become liable. Every upholstery clean we conduct begins with a careful pre-test. There are endless combinations of fabric types that are used by furniture manufactures. Some of these (such as Haitian cotton, viscose, velvet etc.) can be challenging to clean without damage. 

The clean

Because of Covid-19 restrictions and, quite probably, the franticness of work on-set, an area outside had been prepared for us. This was ideal as it was a lovely day for drying – some late Autumn sun & a light breeze.

Professional commercial upholstery cleaning in Bristol

After the initial tests were done, we confirmed the fabric was suitable for a deep clean.

Our eco-friendly process follows the full professional specification to ensure all dry soil is recovered prior to stain treatments, rinse extraction (“steam cleaning”) and post-clean checks.

Professional commercial upholstery cleaning on a film set

The image above demonstrates the poor condition of the fabric. Our technician has applied our eco-sanitising pre-spray and is about to brush this in to work the solution evenly throughout. Once wet, fabrics often reveal their true condition. This also means that it can be difficult to determine the success of a clean until the item is fully dry.

The image also displays the Sapphire upholstery tool. This remarkable piece of kit enables us to rinse extract upholstery without actually “firing” the rinse solution into the fabric. The video below demonstrates the principle (see 1:10) :

The work went well and a large amount of soiling was recovered. Our cleaning methodology sanitises as part of the process. On an extremely Covid sensitive site, this was an additional bonus for the production team.

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IICRC Water Restoration Technician Certification

Last week, Green Man attended the excellent IICRC Water Restoration Technician training course at The National Flood School in Alton. Over the course of three days, the course outlines all aspects of professional flood response & restoration.

Day 1 – We began with looking at the different classes of water typically found in a flood situation. The different classifications are based on levels of contamination & potential risk.

This was followed by looking at insurance categories and how to ensure our initial assessments comply with the standard protocols of a possible insurance claim.

The correct use of moisture sensors & essential PPE was also covered.

Day 2 –  We next looked in detail at how to conduct the initial survey & ensure that a sufficiently detailed assessment of all potential flood damage is recorded. A Drying Plan is a key tool, but relies on accurate measurements taken correctly. This is exactly the area we need to make sure we get consistently right so that we can monitor how well we are recovering water from a flood.

In the afternoon, we began to get into the mathematics & science of Psychrometry.

Day 3 – On the last day, we looked in detail at permeance (how materials absorb & release water vapour), and practised using relative humidity graphs to establish to exact water content of a given area, enabling us to precisely deploy the correct number of dehumidifiers & air movers.

The afternoon was taken up with the IICRC exam. Because the IICRC is based in the USA, we will have to wait about a month until we get our results.

Fingers crossed…

IICRC Water Restoration Technician

Read more about our flood response & water restoration services here.

Commercial insurance claim cleaning

This week, our senior technician travelled to Glastonbury to conduct a full professional deep-clean & deodorise to a house affected by smoke damage. The work was approved by an insurance company following our extensive survey and quotation.

Insurance companies require fully costed & itemised projections to ensure claimants are getting value for money, as well as a professional level of clean. The work done involved deep-cleaning techniques applied to carpets, cotton upholstery, cotton velvet upholstery and various types of mattress. Using only eco-friendly products, we are able to sanitise, deep-clean & deodorise all types of soft furnishing.

The work required a post-clean application of an eco-deodoriser to neutralise any residual odour of smoke. To make certain that the home was left entirely without trace of smoke, we left an ozone generator for several days. The combination of powerful solutions & ozone means that Green Man are able to deliver a wide range of professional deodorisation strategies for commercial & domestic customers alike.

Professional carpet restoration cleaning & deodorisation

IMG 20191129 092622 scaled

Professional mattress cleaning & deodorisation

IMG 20191129 092543 scaled
IMG 20191129 092516 scaled

Professional carpet & fine furniture restoration cleaning & deodorisation

IMG 20191129 111758 scaled

To find out more about our commercial cleaning work, click here.

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Frome Carpet Cleaning

Whilst carpet cleaning in Frome the other day, we passed this field that had one or two new-born calves tottering about in it. Although carpet cleaning is hard work, the variety of each day and the fact that it takes outside of Frome through the surrounding countryside, is one of its many positives.

Eco friendly cleaning Frome e1557901532845

One of the key benefits of booking a professional carpet clean from our Frome-based service is the skill & tools that such a service brings. 

Stage 1 of our work is dry extraction using a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. Usually using a Sebo BS36, this process can recover of 70% of soils latent in the carpet.

Stage 2 is Spot & Stain work. Green Man carry a broad range of solutions to treat the huge variety of stains we encounter. While we cannot guarantee every stain will vanish, we are all fully trained and guarantee to do everything we can to dramatically improve matters.

Stage 4 is application of our eco-friendly pre-spray. This is superior to traditional detergents, free-rinsing & will sanitise all areas.

Stage 5 is agitation. In the image to the left, you see our carpet & upholstery cleaning technician agitating the carpet. This works the solution evenly through the carpet & assists in breaking down stubborn soils.

Professional carpet cleaning in Frome e1557901908312

Stage 6 is usually traditional rinse extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning. Our customers in Frome, Rode, Mells & Bruton are often surprised to learn that it is not steam that we use to rinse a carpet.

In the image, you see our manager wielding a carpet cleaning wand. This tool fires an atomised solution of water and rinse additive into the carpet, which is simultaneously recovered (along with all the soils, greases etc. which we have rendered soluble) by a powerful vacuum unit.

Because our process is eco-friendly, the additive we use carries environmentally harmless encapsulating polymers which deodorise your carpet & leave it more resistant to staining.

As a carpet & upholstery cleaning company operating in Frome, we sometimes need to deal with much heavier levels of soiling than normally found in a domestic environment. For these types of job, we bring along our mobile truck mount machine, the Jaguar 8.4.

Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Rinse
Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Jaguar 8.4 1

If you have any questions about any of our range of services, or if you live outside of our normal range of operations (Frome, Rode, Trowbridge, Bruton etc.), feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.