DHI Charity Carpet Clean – Summer 2020

Over the course of each year, our Bath & Bristol technicians provide free carpet cleaning at the office & residential locations of DHI.

This is what DHI say about themselves:

We run innovative services to help disadvantaged people and those living on the margins of society turn their lives around. Embedded throughout our services is the idea that the problems people face do not exist in a vacuum and the help we provide should be holistic.

DHI operate in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Somerset.

We usually work in each of the DHI locations at least once a year and conduct a deep-clean of all areas. On August 21st, our teams provided a full commercial deep-clean of the following locations:

  • All communal areas in DHI’s residential housing in Larkhall, Bath
  • All communal areas in DHI‘s residential housing in Central Bath
  • All offices, communal areas & meeting rooms at DHI‘s central hub in Bath, The Beehive
Charity carpet cleaning

In the end, the work took three of us from around 10am until 4pm.

We had the opportunity during the day to meet some of the inspiring residents & members of staff who all helped to make the day a rewarding one.

We estimate we deep-cleaned about 400 metres square which, depending which company you call, represents commercial carpet cleaning of a value between £800 and £1800!

As part of our donation, we raised £128 towards  a brand new drug and alcohol treatment centre in St James’ Parade, Bath.

We had hoped to raise more, but we definitely found it hard to get the message heard amongst so many calls for donations from multiple charities during the early days of the pandemic. If you are interested in finding out more about DHI, follow this link.

If you would like to make a donation to DHI, do so here.

Thank you for reading.

The Bath Carpet Cleaning Challenge

The Green Man carpet cleaning team are coming together to speed-clean all carpeted areas in two communal houses, as well as all the offices, meeting areas & shared spaces at The Beehive.

Location 1:

3 flights of stairs & landings & one long hall

[Distance to Location 2: 1.5 miles through busy traffic]

Location 2

6 flights of stairs & landings, one pretty grubby lounge & one hall

[Distance to Location 3: 1.1 miles through busy traffic]

Location 3

4 offices of varying sizes (1 large, 2 medium, 1 small), 2 long corridors, stairs, large meeting space & four small meeting rooms.

Please make a donation to DHI on our behalf and send your estimate of how long you think the work will take.

The closest estimate wins a free professional eco-friendly lounge or sofa clean…

Send your estimation to myestimate@greenmancleaning.co.uk

Green Man goes busking

Update: although we didn’t get out as much as we had hoped, Green Man raised £189 for DHI this summer

This July, we are delighted to announce that technicians from the Green Man team will be busking to support our charity, DHI.

Over three Saturday mornings, we will be performing along with other local musicians in each of our three locations in Bath, Bristol & Frome.

Our manager will be playing either electronica or folk, and our technicians JonC & Colin will be playing guitar & trombone/piano respectively. We will announce the details & specific dates nearer the time but, if you’d like to support us, please come along or visit our JustGiving website.

We look forward to seeing some of you soon…

Charity Commercial Carpet Clean

dhi logo

On Tuesday night, two of us from the Green Man team conducted a deep-clean of a commercial premises in Bristol. There was no charge for this, as it was for our adopted charity, DHI.

Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol e1556799219211
Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol agitating the carpet e1556799170757

We followed the full professional method of industrial vacuuming, spot/stain treatments, eco-pre-spray, mechanical agitation. After this, any soils present in the carpets were suspended & primed for extraction…

As a carpet cleaner operating in Bristol, it is common for customers to ask for “steam cleaning”. We would term this ‘rinse extraction’ and for this job, we brought our mobile truck mount machine, the Jaguar 8.4.

Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Rinse
Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Jaguar 8.4 1

After nearly four hours’ work, we had removed a tremendous amount of soiling. We wouldn’t have been surprised id the building had risen by a few centimetres. The video below is from this clean…

All in all, the clean went very well. Some of the historic coffee stains failed to lift but (with an acidic stain like this) that was not unsurprising. The following day, we had this feedback from our client:

Hi Jon


We can’t thank you enough!!! The carpet looks amazing! Everyone has come in and gasped! 


As soon as I get a chance I will write you a review.


Thank you again!”