Impressive results of Travertine tiled floor in Bristol

Last month a customer contacted us to enquire about having the hard flooring cleaned in their kitchen, dining room & utility room. As with all enquires of this nature, we recommend having an initial survey carried out by one of our experienced technicians.

A survey helps us determine the condition & specific requirements of your floor as well as enabling us to assess the type of flooring & grout you have, carry out a test clean & strip (if needed) on a discrete area of the floor. We also apply finishing seals so that you can decide on the type of finish you would like to achieve.

Once the survey has taken place, we can then email you a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Hard Floor Cleaning of Travertine
Hard Floor Cleaning of Travertine
Cleaning of Travertine tile grout
Cleaning of Travertine tile grout

Following on from the successful survey that our technician, Pete, carried out last month, he then called back this week to carry out the clean.

Travertine is a type of limestone which often has a textured surface which can accumulate soil over time & as you can see from the photos above & on the right, it was looking a little dull & tired.

The first step in the cleaning process is to apply an environmentally friendly stone cleaning solution to the travertine & use a rotary machine to gently agitate the floor. We then use a wet vac to pick up the resulting slurry & we then repeat this process to ensure maximum amount of soiling is removed. We then clean the grout manually using a grout brush.

Clean agitate to travertine tiles
Clean agitate to travertine tiles
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol

Once the cleaning has been completed, the floor is left to dry. As you can see that as this stage in the process, the floor has been taken back to it’s initial matt finish.

Once the floor is completely dry, it is time to apply a seal. Most of the time, flooring such as stone/limestone benefit from multiple coats of seal as this type of flooring is particularly absorbent. Applying between 2-5 coats of seal also protects the floor from spillages & build ups. Depending on the type of seal you chose, it can often significantly improve the overall appearance of the floor by intensifying the colour & increasing the depth of the grain.

As shown in the images & video below, our customer chose a gloss seal & requested that the floor be as shiny as possible which I think Pete achieved perfectly!

Bristol Hard Floor Clean Seal
Bristol Hard Floor Clean Seal
Travertine Clean Seal
Travertine Clean Seal
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol 1
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol 1

If you have a travertine floor or any type of hard flooring that you are thinking of having cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us today, all of our contact details can be found on our website or by clicking the following link – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome ( We look forward to hearing from you!

Outstanding stain removal results on carpets in Bath

Ollie was called to this residential property in Bath recently to help out with a more unusual problem. A baby blackbird, who seemed to have a diet consisting mostly of blackberries, had become trapped in the room and subsequently had left some rather unsavoury little gifts for the residents. Whilst they had done their best to clean the mess left, sadly the bird had left numerous small stains that needed addressing.

Carpet cleaning in Bath
Set up for carpet cleaning and stain removal in Bath

Once Ollie had got set up, it was time to take a look at the stains and start to tackle them.

Stain removal cleaning in Bath
Stain removal on carpet in Bath
Removing tough stains in Bath

As you can see from the image above, there was quite a lot of staining in a small area. Ollie had to use two different stain treatments, along with some good old fashioned hard work to remove the staining. Staining can be very different to tackle, depending on what the stain is caused by, sometimes permanent damage can already have been caused.

Fortunately, for this customer this was not the case and Ollie achieved some incredible results. You can read more about how to tackle stains at home here.

Before and after stain removal in Bath

Ollie used the full Green Man process here to bring these carpets back to their best and that involves;

  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray 
  • Rotary agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning)

This represents a full, deep clean and is also environmentally friendly.

Ollie’s hard work and determination coupled with the Green Man process has achieved some incredible results here.

After a somewhat stressful incident with the bird being trapped, all nasty remainders have now been removed and the carpets are clean, hygienic and looking fresh.

Carpet cleaning results in Bath
Stain removal results in Bath

If you have some carpets that need a clean from the wear and tear of usual family life, or have a particular stain that needs tackling from a more unusual incident like this one, please do feel free to contact us using the button below. We are happy to assist with domestic and commercial works and offer a wide range of services. You can find out more about what we offer by visiting our website, here.

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Rug cleaning in Bath provides positive results

Our Bath based technician, Ollie, recently spent a few hours giving a nice colourful rug a new lease of life by giving it a thorough clean. The customer had booked a deep clean for her rug as she felt it was a little tired & grubby looking as it had not benefitted from a professional clean before.

The first thing our technician’s do before they start cleaning a rug is to conduct a pre-test, this not only ensures they are using the correct cleaning method but is also to check for dye fastness. This is an important first step as it is checking the materials resistance to fading or running.

The process of cleaning a rug is much more time consuming than cleaning carpets as we have to treat the back of the rug the same as we do the front! This includes vacuuming, back dusting & stain treatment on both sides to ensure the best possible results

Rug Cleaning in Bath
Rug Cleaning in Bath
WhatsApp Image 2023 06 06 at 10.49.04
WhatsApp Image 2023 06 06 at 10.49.06

Once the rug has been pre-tested, back dusted & vacuumed front and back, any stains are treated & an eco-sanitising pre-spray is applied. These are allowed to dwell to remove as much soiling as possible.

The rug is then agitated either mechanically or by hand depending on the type of rug. On this occasion, the rug was agitated using a machine before we used traditional rinse extraction to remove all the solutions, water & soiling.

WhatsApp Image 2023 06 06 at 10.49.07
Successful rug cleaning results
Successful rug cleaning results

The finished result was looking much cleaner & brighter, a great result for Ollie!

After the rug has been cleaned, we recommend a warm area where it can be hung or draped to dry.

Although this was not the case on this occasion, some rugs that have a fluffy/shaggy appearance and those with fringes get some further attention. Following the main clean, rugs with a deeper pile are re-groomed & the fringes cleaned and also re-groomed to ensure an overall positive appearance.

If you are interested in having your rug cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us, you can use any of our phone numbers or the message section of our website which can be found here – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome ( Alternatively, you can email us – – if you can include some photos of your rug along with the following information, that would be really helpful –

  • What is the approximate size of your rug
  • What is the rug made of?
  • Are there any particular concerns?
  • Do any pets lie on the rug?

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Successful Carpet Repair in Bristol Apartment Block

We are often contacted by customers who are interested in having their carpets repaired as a cost effective alternative to replacing them when accidents have caused irreversible damage. Irons, hair straighteners & curlers being the main culprit.

A successful repair will depend on a donor piece of the same carpet. This can either be an off-cut, or taken from a cupboard or out-of-the-way area. Ideally, there should be more donor carpet than the area that needs repairing. 

One of last week’s carpet repairs was at a Bristol apartment block where an electric scooter had been doing wheel spins in the communal hallway causing tears to the carpet.

Carpet repairs in Bristol
Carpet repairs in Bristol
Carpet repairs
Carpet repairs

You can see that a small area of carpet with the damage has been cut out. Usually this is done as a square or cuboid shape to assist in creating a perfectly matched insert piece.

Scissors called “Naping shears” are used so that we can trim the carpet pile to the correct/matching heights

Once the damage has been cut out, it is time to insert the donor carpet. This is cut from a spare piece of carpet in the exact shape of the damaged area. A slight colour variation is common and will vary, depending on how the “donor” piece of carpet has been stored and how much traffic/UV light the main body of carpet has experience. Over time, these minor discrepancies tend to level out.

Bristol carpet repairs
Bristol carpet repairs
Successful carpet repairs
Successful carpet repairs

The completed repair as shown above looks much better & gives a positive first impression when entering the building as well as removing the possibility of the damaged areas becoming more worn and therefore increasing over time.

If you are interested in a quote for carpet repairs & you do have donor carpet available, please email some photos of the damage & let us know whereabouts you are.

We can then advise on the likelihood of a successful repair & an estimate on cost.

All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome (

You can see further examples of the various carpet repairs we have carried out in the past here – Carpet Repairs