Help! Pet urine on a pure wool rug…

Accidents happen from time to time, particularly if you have pets (or children!). When pet urine spills onto your carpets or precious rugs, prompt action is key. Despite what you read online, often all that is needed is to blot the liquid up with a dry towel and perhaps some water.

If the accident involves urine, speed is crucial. If the fibre type is wool (or cotton, linen, viscose, sisal etc.), the need for prompt action is even more pressing. This is because urine is acidic. It also contains a broad range of organic matter that can cause staining & malodours.

Last week, we were asked to treat a large, valuable pure wool rug that had suffered significant contamination from cat urine. The current owners of the rug had inherited it from relatives, only later realising it came with quite of lot of Labrador hair embedded in. The new owner’s cat did not take well to this & expressed his option quite liberally over the expensive rug.

In this instance, the cat urine did not cause any noticeable staining. The homeowners only became aware of the issue when their front room began to smell unbearable. As IICRC Odour Neutralisation trained technicians, we carry a range of kit & solutions to deal with incidents such as these.

The first tool we used was our Sebo BS36 vacuum…

Initial vacuuming of a wool rug
Initial vacuuming of a wool rug

Following a thorough vacuuming to recover as much dry soil & historic pet hair as possible, our next tool was an Ultra Violet torch. The video below shows how effective this can be in causing the contaminated areas to effloresce-

After we had identified the areas of cat urine, we applied a urine neutralising solution to this patches to break down the problem, The element of urine that causes long term odours are uric salts. These attract moisture, which explains why sometimes on warm, humid days, people notice the smell reappearing – the uric salts have simply absorbed moisture from the air & become reactivated,

The next step was to apply a wool safe cleaning solution to the whole rug, brush this in & allow a 15 minute dwell time. This allows the hi-tech solution to break down soils & greasy deposits ready for extraction.

Finally, we set up our Airflex extraction machine & rinse-extracted the rug with a slightly acidic solution. This recovers all the soils that the cleaning solution has made soluble and ensures the wool is left at its preferred, slightly acidic state.

Rug steam cleaning in Bristol
Rug steam cleaning in Bristol

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End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Bath

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Two of us were out in Weston village, Bath yesterday conducting a deep carpet clean as part of an end of tenancy cleaning job.

Prior to confirming the work, we had discussed  social distancing, use of PPE and regular hand washing to ensure we were protecting both ourselves and our client.

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As this was our first job post-lockdown, we allocated double the usual amount of time so that we could make sure all elements of our eco-friendly clean could be carried out safely.

This involved:

  • Industrial vacuuming
  • Spot & stain treatments
  • Eco-friendly and sanitising pre-spray
  • Mechanical agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction


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In the images, you see our technician Aaron wearing face mask & gloves, both key elements in our strategy to counter cross contamination.

One of the main reasons we now need to factor additional time for our work is that our equipment needs to be cleaned down & decontaminated after each job.

Normally, we would rinse through our kit after a job. Now we need to use a sanitising solution to ensure we are operating safely and in a consicentious manner.

If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning, hard floor  or upholstery cleaning, please feel free to get in touch to talk through how we might be able to help.

Stay safe,

Jon – Green Man


Cottage clean on May Hill

Deep clean on May Hill

IMG 1095 scaled

A few week’s ago, we conducted a full survey of carpets & upholstery near May Hill.

Following on from our quotation, we were asked to conduct the clean last week, so myself & one of our Quedgeley based technicians spent the day in a lovely corner of Gloucestershire.

The scope of the work included four traditional wool rugs, a large embroidered sofa, as well as six decent sized rooms & two staircases. 

It was definitely a full days’ cleaning for two of us!

In some ways, the professional cleaning of all soft furnishings involves a similar process:

  • Dry extraction
  • Stain treatments, as necessary
  • Application of a fabric-specific pre-spray
  • (An appropriate level of) Agitation
  • Some form of extraction of the soils etc. that have been made soluable

Today, we needed to work efficiently to ensure all items received the same level of attention.

Sofa after initial vacuuming scaled

As you can see in the upper right hand corner of the photo, there was a noticeable greasy deposit bound into the fabric that would need some specific attention.

After a careful vacuuming of all elements of the sofa, it soon became apparent that the cushions continued to hold on to a significant amount of dust.

For this reason, I took them each outside and gave them a sound beating the old fashioned way 😉

Once this initial dry extraction was complete, it was time to apply a pre-spray. In this case, it was our hi-tech eco-friendly sanitising cleaning solution that  a c t i v e l y  breaks down soils & greases into easily rinseable molecules.

Applying eco friendly pre spray to upholstery scaled

Once this was complete, I agitated the solution deep into the fabric using a soft brush.

After a short dwell time, it was time to rinse extract…

Rinse extracting upholstery using an atomising hand tool scaled
Precise rinse extractionsteam cleaning of upholstery scaled

In order to deal with the greasy stain, an additional orange-extract based solvent was applied, then immediately extracted.

Our technicians are fully trained and work hard to deliver an outstanding clean every time. We take pride in sourcing the best eco-friendly products available to ensure that we can clean with a clean conscience. 

Sometimes there are specific types of stains that will not respond to the range of plant-derived solutions we use. If this is the case, we will consult with our customers & decide what the best way forward is. Occasionally, this will involve the measured application of a professional-grade, fabric safe solvent. If this is done, it will then be fully rinsed & disposed of responsibly according to PAS 64 standards.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

After we had lunch, I began to work through the variety of rugs. Owing to their age & continued use, these each carried a considerable soil-load and required extensive vacuuming & back-beating.

Take a look at the short (poor quality) video as a guage of what these types of rugs can yield up. This footage was taken after an initial vacuum to both sides of the rug, followed by back-beating…

Once I’d removed as much dry soil as possible, the rugs were each pre-sprayed, agitated, then rinse extracted.

Rug cleaning on May Hill scaled
Eco friendly rug cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

We were delighted to be given both a space to air the rugs, as well as the apparatus to hang them on! This is not usually the case and we generally leave air-movers to accelerate drying.

Rug drying after eco friendly clean 2 scaled
Rug drying after deep eco friendly clean scaled

Now we really were getting toward the tail end of the day & Pete was finishing the stairs.

The final process was to deep-clean the downstairs carpets-

Redefining the meaning of green cleaning!

Traditional rinse extraction of wool carpet in Gloucestershire scaled
Eco friendly lounge clean scaled

When all elements of the work had been completed, we conducted a walk-through with the customer. I’m pleased to say she was delighted with each aspect of the clean.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you keep your home cleaner & greener, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Professional vacuuming prior to carpet clean

Pete began upstairs by carefully moving all items of furniture. The Green Man team will usually move most furniture by default, only leaving very heavy or fragile items in place.

Once this was done, he conducted a full professional vacuum of all areas using our industry-standard Sebo BS36.

This machine has two independent motors – one for powerful vacuuming, one to power the beater bar, generating a deep level of agitation to coax out the deepest of dry soils!

A carpet after a deep eco friendly clean.

While Pete worked upstairs cleaning the carpets, I began with the sofa.

This particular item was from the 1960’s, British made with a complex embroidered fabric that needed a gentle touch. 

Rugs from a medieval scene…

IMG 2817 scaled

The rug cleaning work we deliver tends to be conducted in situ in a family home or office space. This week, the Green Man team were called out to a tv & film studio in Bristol…

The brief

5 rugs had been used out in fields in South Gloucestershire during the filming of medieval jousts for a Tudor tv series. During the course of filming in a wet week in November, these rugs had become absolutely sodden with mud and were in dire need of a very deep-clean.

The prescription

The tv crew had very sensibly hung the rugs and pointed commercial gas driers toward them. When we arrived, they were only slightly damp.

The first task was to vacuum as much dry soil (and hay, and grit!) from the rugs as possible.

IMG 2805 scaled

Once this stage was done, we could apply a suitable pre-spray to the wool to encourage the heavy soil load to become soluble. After this stage, we agitated the solution into the rugs using a commercial rotary with soft brushes. This also broke down some of the heavier clumps of soil.

After this prep work, it was time to commence the deep-clean, using traditional rinse extraction…

IMG 2812 scaled

This process had to be conducted to both front & back of the rugs. Following this quite lengthy process, we then had to remove some candle wax and then treat the cotton fringes on some of the rugs.

IMG 2813 scaled
IMG 2814 scaled

Once this painstaking process had been completed, the work was almost done. The 5 large rugs took two of us about 4.5 hours. The production team helped get the rugs  over struts and next to a heat source to accelerate the drying time.

IMG 2818 scaled

We worked out we had used a much greater volume of water than usual in the process, probably close to 100 litres in order to fully rinse the mud out of the rugs.

The final result was worth it, though. Now we can look forward to a new hobby of “rug spotting” when the next series of this programme is next on tv!

Thanks for reading. More on our rug cleaning services here

Eco-friendly Rug Cleaning

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Rug cleaning in Bath Bristol Frome

Stage One:

Before any cleaning can take place, we ensure that the room is as clear as possible. This would normally involve removal of any breakables, then repositioning any furniture to the periphery of the room to allow a reasonable working area.

Once this is done, we are then able to lay down layers of floor protection to ensure that the water we use stays where it is supposed to.

In the image, you can see how the tarpaulin is framing the rug and clearly demarcating the area that our technicians will work within.

Once everything is prepared, the initial dry extraction process is carried out, including substantial “back beating” to ensure maximum dirt, dust, sand & dry soiling has been removed.

Stage Two:

Once your rug has been dry extracted, we will then attend to any spots or stains that are apparent.

Green Man carry a broad range of solutions to treat almost any issue, including tea/coffee, red wine, food, grease, make-up, pet-related problems and more! While we can never guarantee that a stain will be entirely removable, we can almost always improve things without danger of damage.

Professional rug cleaning in Bath e1558440245779
Professional rug cleaning in Frome e1558440398330

Stage Three:

After we have attended to any stains, we will apply a wool-safe, eco-friendly solution that will deep clean & sanitise your rug.

Once sprayed down, this solution will benefit from either manual or mechanical agitation to work it evenly throughout the rug. This process can also assist in breaking down areas of stubborn soiling.

Traditional rug cleaning e1558440542843

Stage Four: 

Once all the initial stages have been thoroughly completed, we will then perform the final stage of the main deep-clean, traditional rinse extraction. This is the process that is often (erroneously) termed steam cleaning

A solution of water (with an acidic element to ph balance your rug fibres) is atomised & sprayed under pressure into the rug, and simultaneously recovered with a powerful vacuum motor.

Rug steam cleaning e1558440488859

Stage Five:

Finally, we will perform multiple dry-passes with the cleaning wand to ensure as much water as possible has been recovered before setting up an air mover to generate a current of air beneath your rug. This will accelerate the drying process.

While this is happening, we will attend to the fringes of your rug (if it has any) by applying a solution that will improve their natural whiteness.

After all stages are complete, we will invite you to inspect your rug and arrange for next day collection of the air-mover. 

Read more about our rug cleaning service h e r e.

Currently, we are offering next day collection in the following areas: Bath, Bristol, Chippenham & Frome & surrounding areas.

If you have any questions regarding our process or would like to make an enquiry regarding a booking, please feel free to get in touch.

Case study: Deep-cleaning of carpets, hard-flooring, rugs & upholstery in a Bath school

Not long after Christmas, a school in Bath that we have worked with over the years asked us if we could perform a deep-clean of carpets, safety flooring, alphabet rugs & staff room upholstery this Easter.

We arranged a full survey and provided a detailed quotation, which outlined the need for a three van team to attend the school with 5 technicians in total…

Safety floor cleaning

Two members of our team were assigned to deep-cleaning safety flooring in the nursery area of the school. This involved:

  1. Clearing the area
  2. Applying a carefully selected eco-friendly pre-spray that would sanitise the floor
  3. Using a combination of rotary & oscillating pad machines to agitate the floor
  4. Rinse extraction to remove the water & soiling.
Eco friendly carpet cleaning pre spray
Staff room upholstery cleaning

It will come as no surprise to learn that there were plenty of tea, coffee (and hot chocolate!) stains for us to get stuck into in the staff room.

Thankfully, someone had made the right decision to furnish this staff room with synthetic upholstery. Man-made fibres tend to be much more responsive to stain treatments than natural fibres – this is worth bearing in mind in homes where similar types of staining is likely…

We deep-cleaned the upholstery here using the full professional method and all areas responded extremely well.

Alphabet Rug Cleaning

Alphabet rug cleaning

Most primary schools & nurseries have alphabet rugs. They provide a cosy space for young children to sit on during story-time & other literacy activities. Because of this, they tend to contain a huge amount of soiling and general staining.

In the image above, our technician is performing the final rinse-extraction process (sometimes called steam cleaning) after industrial vacuuming, stain treatments & a sanitising pre-spray.

School Carpet Cleaning

Classroom carpet cleaning

School carpet cleaning is very much like much of the large scale commercial carpet cleaning we perform. The key factors in achieving a good result are ensuring we adhere to the full professional carpet cleaning method to deliver a high volume of soil extraction.

This results in carpeting that not only looks clean, but carpets that we know are deep-cleaned and rid of as much soil & contamination as we could possible achieve.

For more information about Green Man‘s commercial carpet cleaning services, click here.

Our client’s feedback…

Before I got home after the day’s work, I had received an email from the school’s facilities manager. The school caretaker had email her his thoughts just after we left:

“Just to let you know that the carpet cleaners have finished their work here.


As usual their standard of workmanship has been extremely high and our carpets and upholstery are looking great!”

Receiving feedback like this – unasked for- makes all our hard work feel worthwhile.