Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

In this case study, our team carry out a full restoration sand & refinish on Victorian-era uneven floorboards with a dated “orange” varnish.

Let’s take a look at what the team achieved…

The Green Man wood floor sanding kit

Professional dustless wood floor sanding will always commence with a detailed site survey. As a rule of thumb, the older the property, the more chance there is that wooden flooring will have warped and expanded. There is also a much greater chance that we will find areas of damage from historic overlaying of carpets, impacts from accidents and discolouration from water ingress.

Irregularities across floorboards will mean a job is likely to take longer and include a broader variety of wood floor repairs, such as wood filing and floorboard replacement. On this job, the main issue was that various floorboards had been replaced over the years. We discussed the likely consequences with the owner, who was happy to proceed.

Choosing the right type of finish for a sanded wood floor –

Applying sample oil finishes to pine floorboards
Choosing oil finishes for a pine wood floor

When one of our team makes a site visit to carry out a (free) survey of your wooden floor, this is often the time to discuss how your would like your floor to look after the wood has been sanded. By applying either lacquer (varnish) or wood oils, you floor will be protected and can have either a natural looking finish, or a completely different colour and a glossy sheen. There is a huge range of options and it is well worth doing your own research into this in advance, so that you begin the process armed with some ideas.

In this case, our customer had decided that a coloured hard wax oil should be applied. We recommended Fiddes Hard Wax Oil, and narrowed down the likely colours to: Whiskey, Walnut, Dark Oak & English. In the image above, you can see our technician Tom has sanded back a small section of floorboard and applied the four samples. This is carried out at the beginning of a job or before the job, so that there is sufficient time to decide on (and order!) the desired finish.

Dustless belt-sanding

Using the Pallman belt sander

We use a Pallman Cobra Classic belt sanding machine to ensure a high quality finish whilst maintaining a clean, virtually dustless working environment. This is the tool we use to remove all signs of previous finishes and to ensure floorboards are level.


The belt sander will get the majority of a wooden floor sanded back, but won’t reach into the edges of a room. This is where an edge sander is used. We use a Pallman Edge Sander paired with a high power, filtering vacuum to ensure minimal dust…

The video demonstrates the power of the edging sander, as well as its ability to reach right up to skirting boards. This particular model has in-built lights which are important in helping our team deliver a high quality finish.

Finishing touches

On most wood jobs, we use our Bona Flexisand as a final sanding machine. It works with 4 independently rotating sanding discs to create a flawless final finish.

Achieving a fine finish on pine floorboards using Bona Flexisand
Achieving a fine finish on pine floorboards using Bona Flexisand

Although some sanding companies use these machines, not all do. They have a particular benefit when it comes to parquet wood floor types, but benefit all wood floor sanding in achieving a high quality finish.

While the belt & edge sanders will achieve a level floor and take the wood back to its raw state, neither machine could be described as subtle. For oiled finishes, the professional sander needs a machine with a circular or orbital motion to ensure that any marks from the initial heavy sanding can be removed. Oils will sharply define both the grain of the wood, as well as imperfections and scratches caused by the sanding process.

Applying Hard Wax Oil to the pine floorboards

Once all the sanding was completed and the floor completely dust-free, it was time to apply the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. Our client had selected Walnut as the preferred finish.

This was carefully applied by hand using lint-free cloths.

Sometimes, this is a process that can be done using our machinery. However, in this instance, manual application was specified owing to the gaps in the floorboards.

In the image opposite, you can see how striking the effect of a tinted oil can be. Modern wax-based oils can be either clear or stained and with a range of finishes from matt to gloss.

From the manufacturer’s website:

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a blend of natural oils & waxes offering exceptional durability & resistance for internal natural wood flooring, kitchen worktops (wood) and areas subjected to a high degree of wear.

One of the key benefits of oiling a wooden floor is that it can be cleaned and refinished without re-sanding. This is definitely worth considering if you want a modern, natural looking floor that will need to withstand high traffic, or pets, or children!

Walnut Fiddes Hard Wax Oil on Victorian pine floorboards
Walnut Fiddes Hard Wax Oil on Victorian pine floorboards

If you are considering renovating your wood flooring and would like to organise a free survey, please use our contact page and we will get in touch.

At present, our team are offering a dustless wood floor sanding service in Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Thank you for reading!

Excellent results on slate tiles in Monmouth, Wales

Last week saw one of our technicians travel to beautiful Monmouth to carry out a professional clean to some large slate tiles & grout following a successful survey conducted last month. The brief was to carry out a deep clean of the tiled entrance hall & then callback the following day to apply a new seal.

Once all the area has been cleared, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution is applied to the slate & a rotary machine is used to gently agitate the floor. A wet vac is then used to collect the resulting slurry, this part of the process is then repeated.

The grout lines are then cleaned by hand using a grout brush.

At this stage the floor has been taken back to it’s initial finish & is now left to dry naturally.

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 06 at 13.19.25 b336c5a8

Our technician then returned the following day to apply a few coats of seal. This protective seal acts as a barrier to spillages & build-ups. Depending on the type of seal chosen, this will often significantly improve the appearance of the tile, intensifying colour and increasing the depth of the grain.

In the images below, you can see the impact the seal has on the area

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 06 at 13.19.25 f40ed044
WhatsApp Image 2023 12 06 at 13.19.26 6f0d05d8

If you have any questions regarding slate floor cleaning & sealing, please feel free to use our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Further information about our hard floor cleaning services can be found here.

Fabulous results on a commercial clean in Bath

We were recently contacted by the manager of a local branch of Specsavers, as they were interested in having the carpets & hard flooring cleaned in the store. As with most commercial enquires, it benefits to conduct a short survey so we can determine the condition & specific requirements of the flooring. We can then provide you with a comprehensive quote & a cleaning plan tailored to each job. All surveys are carried out by our trained technicians.

Following on from a successful survey, two of our technician returned this week to carry out the clean after the shop had closed to carry out a deep clean of the carpets & amtico flooring.

Our technicians made a start in the exam rooms at the rear of the premises which were all carpeted.

The cleaning process includes;

Dry extraction/vacuuming – All the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed using a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove as much surface debris as possible.

Spot/stain treatments – Any visible stains are treated & the solutions are given time to dwell so that they can break down as much of the stain as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bath
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.56 f396a5ec
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.58 7169b8b6

The next step in the carpet cleaning process is;

Eco-sanitising pre-spray – This is applied to all of the carpets & as above, it is given time to dwell to assist further with the breakdown on stains & residues.

Rotary Agitation – This was carried out using a machine that gently agitates the carpets whilst delivering hot water & cleaning solutions deep into the carpet to provide a thorough clean.

The last step of the process is then the traditional rinse extraction, sometimes known as steam cleaning. The extraction machine removes all the remaining soiling, water & solutions from the carpet. This process represents a full deep clean which leaves the carpets cleaner, fresher & sanitised whilst still being a green clean.

Once the carpet clean had been completed, it was time to move onto the hard flooring which in this instance was amtico flooring. Amtico is a type of vinyl flooring although it is manufactured differently to standard vinyl flooring. The finished article often has a close resemblance to wood or stone.

As you can see in this photo, it is a wood effect floor which due to a high volume of foot traffic through the store had a high volume of soling ingrained into it.

The cleaning process for a hard floor such as this follows the same method listed above for carpet cleaning. However when it comes to the rotary agitation aspect, a soft brush or pad is attached to the bottom of the machine.

Commercial Hard floor cleaning in Bath
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.58 70de5bbe

On this occasion it was a soft brush that was attached which gently washes the floor using the cleaning solutions.

As some of the next few photos show, a high level of soiling was removed from these floors which resulted in an impressive difference.

Outstanding results, well done team!

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.58 f10a528f
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.59 e71d6189
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.58 dc7344f7
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.58 88bc2895
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 03 at 10.01.59 a23fb8f0

Here are some videos that our technicians took of the clean that allow you to see some parts of the process in action……

If you are looking to have your commercial flooring cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation survey. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us

For more information of the kind of services we offer our commercial customers can be found here – Commercial Services

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Satisfying commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire

Commercial cleaning at a visitor attraction

Pete and Mike were working together on some commercial hard floor cleaning in beautiful surroundings at a popular visitor attraction in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire this week.

Commercial cleaning with a view

This is a busy tourist attraction where there are hundreds of pairs of feet travelling over the hard floors, often with muddy boots and shoes.

Due to the high level of footfall and soiling these hard floors were in need of a thorough deep clean. There were numerous toilet blocks, and inside visitor areas that were treated to the Green Man deep cleaning process.

Odour neutralisation works were also implemented here after the cleaning, to ensure all the visitor areas were fresh and sanitised and generally a pleasant place to be!

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Hard floor cleaning in commercial premises
Commercial tile cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial hard floor cleaning of toilet block

The process for cleaning hard wearing, high traffic areas like these involves a few different elements to achieve the best resullts.

The first step is to remove any loose debris and soil from the surface, this is done by using powerful vacuum cleaners. Next is the application and agitation of an environmentally friendly solution to break down and remove any trodden in dirt. As you can see from the images above, this is done using a rotary agitator to really work the solution into the floor and release any trapped dirt.

Commercial toilet hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial tile cleaning in Gloucestershire
Commercial work in Slimbridge

The slurry created by the cleaning solutions, water and the lifted dirt is then removed by using a wet vac. As you can see above, this effectively removes all the dirty water from the floor, taking all the loosened grime and dirt with it. The floors are then rinsed again and the water removed once again. Where necessary, if the level of soiling is high and the floors require it, the whole process can be repeated again.

Commercial team clean in Slimbridge

Thanks to Pete and Mike’s hard work, these commercial hard floors are cleaned, sanitised and fresh ready for another season of visitors passing through.

Green Man commercial hard floor cleaning

If you have a commercial, or domestic, premises in need of some hard floor cleaning we would be happy to help bring them back to their best.

Don’t forget, we also offer carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, wood floor sanding and flood services. You can read more about our other services here.

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Superb clean of Victorian tiled floor in Gloucester

Our Gloucester based technician, Pete, visited a potential customer last month to survey their Victorian tiled hallway which they advised was looking discoloured. Conducting a survey allows us to determine the condition/specific condition of your floor, which involves assessing the type of floor & grout you have, we can also carry out a test clean & strip if needed & apply finishing seals to help you decide which type of finish you would prefer.

Following on from the successful & informative survey, Pete returned to the property last week to carry out the clean.

The first step was to start stripping the existing topical seal, unfortunately there were many layers which made this a very time consuming part of the process.

Stripping of Tiled Floor in Gloucester
Stripping of Tiled Floor in Gloucester

Once the remaining seal has been stripped from the tiles, the area is thoroughly swept & all debris is removed. Now that the floor is prepared, the cleaning begins! Pete applied an eco-friendly tile specific cleaning solution to breakdown old deposits of soiling & ingrained layers of detergent which have accumulated in the grout lines & flaws of the tiles. The solution is applied using a rotary machine to ensure the floor is scrubbed thoroughly.

The next step of the process is to extract all the resulting slurry which the rotary machine has created. The floor is then cleaned & rinsed again using pure water only & is then left to dry ready to return the following day for sealing.

The photo on the right is how the floor was looking at the end of the first day following all the above steps.

Hard floor tile cleaning
Hard floor tile cleaning

When returning the following day, the floor is completely dry & ready for sealing. First, we applied a coat of impregnated seal which penetrates the surface to protect against water & soiling from entering the tiles.

The final part of the process is to apply the seal that the customer has chosen, in this case it was a gloss seal. After the first coat has been applied, this is allowed to dry before applying further coats.

Applying the right type of seal not only improves the overall appearance of your floor but also protects against scuffs & spillages.

You can see from the images opposite & below that the tiles have not only been cleaned but the colours enhanced. Fantastic results by Pete that really help make a striking entrance to this customers house.

Victorian Tile Clean & Seal
Victorian Tile Clean & Seal
WhatsApp Image 2023 08 05 at
WhatsApp Image 2023 08 05 at
WhatsApp Image 2023 08 05 at

If you have a tiled floor or any hard floor that you are thinking of having cleaned, please visit the relevant section of our website for more information – Hard Floor Cleaning | Green Man Cleaning

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like arrange a survey, all of our contact details can be found here

Impressive results of Travertine tiled floor in Bristol

Last month a customer contacted us to enquire about having the hard flooring cleaned in their kitchen, dining room & utility room. As with all enquires of this nature, we recommend having an initial survey carried out by one of our experienced technicians.

A survey helps us determine the condition & specific requirements of your floor as well as enabling us to assess the type of flooring & grout you have, carry out a test clean & strip (if needed) on a discrete area of the floor. We also apply finishing seals so that you can decide on the type of finish you would like to achieve.

Once the survey has taken place, we can then email you a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Hard Floor Cleaning of Travertine
Hard Floor Cleaning of Travertine
Cleaning of Travertine tile grout
Cleaning of Travertine tile grout

Following on from the successful survey that our technician, Pete, carried out last month, he then called back this week to carry out the clean.

Travertine is a type of limestone which often has a textured surface which can accumulate soil over time & as you can see from the photos above & on the right, it was looking a little dull & tired.

The first step in the cleaning process is to apply an environmentally friendly stone cleaning solution to the travertine & use a rotary machine to gently agitate the floor. We then use a wet vac to pick up the resulting slurry & we then repeat this process to ensure maximum amount of soiling is removed. We then clean the grout manually using a grout brush.

Clean agitate to travertine tiles
Clean agitate to travertine tiles
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol

Once the cleaning has been completed, the floor is left to dry. As you can see that as this stage in the process, the floor has been taken back to it’s initial matt finish.

Once the floor is completely dry, it is time to apply a seal. Most of the time, flooring such as stone/limestone benefit from multiple coats of seal as this type of flooring is particularly absorbent. Applying between 2-5 coats of seal also protects the floor from spillages & build ups. Depending on the type of seal you chose, it can often significantly improve the overall appearance of the floor by intensifying the colour & increasing the depth of the grain.

As shown in the images & video below, our customer chose a gloss seal & requested that the floor be as shiny as possible which I think Pete achieved perfectly!

Bristol Hard Floor Clean Seal
Bristol Hard Floor Clean Seal
Travertine Clean Seal
Travertine Clean Seal
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol 1
Hard floor cleaning in Bristol 1

If you have a travertine floor or any type of hard flooring that you are thinking of having cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us today, all of our contact details can be found on our website or by clicking the following link – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome (greenmancleaning.co.uk). We look forward to hearing from you!

Wonderful terracotta tile cleaning results in Bath

Ollie was called to this property in Bath to these beautiful terracotta tiles that were in need of the Green Man deep cleaning treatment. As per our usual process, Ollie had been here earlier in the month to conduct a survey and test clean of the terracotta tiles. This means the customer has an understanding of how their tiles are going to look after the clean, as well as the process that will be used.

Terracotta tiles cleaning in Bath
Terracotta bathroom tiles to be cleaned in Bath
Deep cleaning of terracotta tiles and grout in Bath

As you can see from the images above, these tiles have been well used in this family home and had some staining that needed to be addressed.

The first step in the process of deep cleaning these terracotta tiles is to sweep and vacuum to ensure all loose debris is removed. Once this has been removed we can use a rotary agitator with an eco friendly cleaning solution to work down into the grout and tile to remove any embedded soiling.

Green Man terracotta tile cleaning
Professional tile and grout clean in Bath
Bath grout and tile cleaning
Professional terracotta tile cleaning

Manual cleaning is needed for hard floors to address those hard to reach areas. This includes the grout and around the edges up to skirting and kick boards.

Domestic terracotta tile cleaning in Bath
Terracotta tile and grout cleaning in Bath

Once the dirty slurry has been removed and the floor has been rinsed, several times if needed, to remove all soiling and cleaning solution, it is time for the application of an impregnating seal.

To allow the flooring time to dry, the seal was applied on a return visit the next day. The seal offers the beautiful tiles more protection from staining and increases their longevity.

Tile cleaning in Bath
Eco friendly tile cleaning in Bath
Kitchen terracotta tile cleaning in Bath

Considering the level of staining on this terracotta floor, the results are impressive. The tiles are rejuvenated in appearance and are hygienic ready for more family life.

Professional deep clean of terracotta tiles

These terracotta tiles will now be more resistant to staining and protected from the wear and tear of family life.

You can read more about our hard floor cleaning processes here.

If you have any hard flooring that needs a professional deep clean and reseal, please use the contact us button below to book in your own survey to assess and discuss your needs with one of our experienced technicians.

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Second superb commercial carpet clean in an office and shop in Bath

You might remember that earlier in the week Ollie and Joanne achieved some incredible results for a commercial customer at their offices in Bath. The team cleaned some carpets as well as some hard flooring. You can read the blog about the first visit here.

Ollie and Joanne have returned to this commercial customer later on in this beautifully sunny week to address the carpets and hard floors in their shop premises.

As Ollie had been to survey the premises prior to booking the work, the team knew exactly what was required and after a quick walk around they were able to get to work.

Office carpet cleaning in Bath

Following the Green Man carpet cleaning process the team got started on the office carpets above the shop.

After a thorough vacuum, treating any spot stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray it was time for rotary agitation.

Rotary agitation helps to loosen deep down embedded dirt and assists in improving the appearance of any flattened pile.

Rotary agitation of commercial carpets in Bath
Commercial shop carpets cleaned in Bath

You can read more about our commercial carpet cleaning process here.

As you can see from the image on the left the carpets in the upstairs office above the shop have come up beautifully and look as good as new.

Green Man team commercial carpet clean in Bath
Commercial stairs carpet cleaning in Bath

Ollie and Joanne have done a terrific job for this commercial customer, their offices and their shop premises now have carpets that are refreshed and rejuvenated. The hard floors in both premises have also received the Green Man treatment and the team achieved some great results. You can read more about our commercial hard floor cleaning here.

Asides from what is pictured here, Joanne and Ollie also had some sisal carpets to clean in the shop. Sisal is a natural fibre derived from the sisal plant. Whilst it is hard wearing and durable, it cannot be cleaned with our standard procedure.

Sisal fibres are prone to collapse and browning when wet so they need to be cleaned using a method known as Very Low Moisture cleaning.

It involves the application of a cleaning compound that contains cleaning agents, you can see this in the image on the right.

Sisal cleaning

This process lightly refreshes the sisal, improves the lustre and deodorises the sisal.

If you have any carpet, upholstery or hard floor cleaning needs that you would like the Green Man team to address, please get in touch using the button below.

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Superb commercial cleaning of carpets & hard flooring in Bath office

Last month, our Bath technician, Ollie attended a local business premises to carry out a short survey as the customer had contacted us about having the carpets & hard flooring cleaned in their office & shop. Carrying out a survey is a great way to determine the condition & specific requirements of a customers hard floor & with this being a commercial environment, it means we can tailor both the quote & the method of cleaning to suit the business needs.

Following on from the successful survey, Ollie went back this week with fellow technician, Joanne & spent a sunny Monday carrying out the office clean. This involved cleaning the carpets which totalled 53 m2 & 2 long flights of stairs plus 79 m2 of engineered wood floor.

Our method for cleaning the carpets involved:

Dry extraction/vacuuming – This involves using a commercial vacuum to remove surface debris

Spot/stain treatments, as necessary – Treating stains with a specific solution that is left to dwell to break down the deposits

Eco-sanitising pre-spray – A sanitiser that is tough on dirt & bacteria yet still kind to the environment

Commercial carpet & hard floor cleaning in Bath
Commercial carpet & hard floor cleaning in Bath

Rotary agitation – A rotary machine is used to agitate the carpet & bring any debris at the bottom of the pile to the surface. The machine also applies a cleaning solution deep into the pile to provide a thorough clean prior to extraction

Traditional rinse extraction – This extracts all the remaining dirt from the carpet as well as the water & cleaning solutions

This completes the carpet cleaning process & they looked cleaner & fresher as a result of Ollie & Joanne’s hard work!

Office carpet cleaning
Office carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning in Bath
Commercial carpet cleaning in Bath

I love the attention to detail that this video reflects – This office space also doubles as a jewellery making studio & there were lots of little bits of metal embedded in the carpets. This video shows Ollie removing the metal prior to cleaning using scissors to tweezer them out!

Once all the carpets were cleaned, it was time for Joanne & Ollie to tackle the hard flooring. In this instance, it was engineered wood that they would be cleaning.

Commercial hard floor cleaning
Commercial hard floor cleaning
Commercial office cleaning
Commercial office cleaning

The process the technicians used for cleaning this floor was the use of a rotary machine, wet vac & to finish the floor was buffed dry.

1 – The rotary machine uses rotating pads to apply a cleaning solution which is then gently agitated onto the floor surface.

2 – The wet vac then vacuums up all the water & cleaning solutions as well as any remaining debris.

3 – The pads on the rotary machine are then changed & the floor is buffed dry to give it a gleaming finish.

This was a great team effort from Ollie & Joanne on one of the first warmer days that we have had this year. They worked so well together that they are going back again this week to clean this customers shop, check out our next blog later in the week to see how they got on!

If you are thinking of having the carpets or hard flooring cleaned in your commercial premises, further information can be found on our website Commercial & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bath & Bristol Area (greenmancleaning.co.uk) or please feel free to contact us, all of our contact details can be found here.

Commercial cleaning in Bath
Commercial cleaning in Bath

Commercial Builders clean in Bath with wonderful results

Jon and Levi were working late recently on this commercial builders clean in a new restaurant in Bath. The job involved a hygiene clean of all the surfaces as well as a deep clean of the hard floors.

Commercial hard floor and builders clean in Bath

This restaurant needed a full deep builders clean to be ready for opening to the customers of Bath.

The process for cleaning the hard floors involves a vacuum first to remove all the loose soil and debris.

After all the loose soil is removed, it is time to work on the embedded dirt, this is done using an eco-friendly solution and a rotary machine (see image).

The agitation helps to remove any dirt that is trapped and get into the surface of the floor to clean as deeply as possible.

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Bath

Once the flooring has been cleaned and any edges and grouting have been addressed, the slurry is then removed using a wet vac.

The flooring is then rinsed to remove any residue and the wet vac is used again to remove the water.

Green Man deep commercial clean in Bath
Commercial premises builders clean in Bath

Here you can see the wet vac removing the water from the floor. In some circumstances this is sufficient however we do sometimes force dry the floors using air-movers where necessary.

Deep builders clean of commercial restaurant in Bath
Commercial builders deep clean in Bath

This night-clean was to get the restaurant looking its best for the following day’s grand opening. The surfaces and floors all needed to be shiny, as well as sanitised and compliant!

If you require any commercial hard floor cleaning, or a builders clean, please do reach out to us using the contact us button below.

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