Successful team work on Upholstery & Carpet cleaning in Bristol

Earlier this week, Pete & Tom spent most of the day working together on some upholstery & carpet cleaning at a residential address in Bristol. The customer had a vast array of upholstery for cleaning as well as some carpets that needed a little attention after a few potty training incidents!

First up was this large faux velvet sofa, as you can see in this picture, Tom is giving it a thorough vacuum to remove as much surface debris as possible.

Next, he will treat any stains that he can see as well as using a eco-sanitising pre spray, these solutions are then given time to dwell to help break up as much soiling & residue as possible.

The upholstery is then gently agitated to work the cleaning solutions & hot water into the fabric to ensure a deep clean.

Velvet Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol
Velvet Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol
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The final part of the process is the traditional rinse extraction (sometimes known as steam cleaning). This is where all the remaining soiling, products & water are extracted from the upholstery. The sofa is then left to dry naturally.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.49 cbb0c547

Whilst Tom was cleaning the sofa shown above, Pete was carrying out the same process on this large cream corner sofa. There were a few more cushions on this one though!

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.50 9ee35c6f
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.52 e7f6f145

Continuing with the upholstery clean, next up were a selection of armchairs. As before the same cleaning process was used & thankfully the stain treatment worked really well on the stained seat areas of these chairs.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.53 667cbbea

Once all the upholstery had been cleaned & left to dry, it was time to tackle the carpets. On this occasion is was 4 bedroom carpets that needed to be cleaned, with particular attention to some potty training related odours in one bedroom.

The cleaning method followed that of the upholstery cleaning & was a combination of the following:

  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray 
  • Rotary agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning)

Due to the reported odours, an odour neturalising solution was applied to the offending carpet. This is an environmentally friendly solution that is highly effective against odours associated with bodily fluids.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.51 6cd36620
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.51 a143ab47
WhatsApp Image 2023 11 08 at 14.36.52 db35751c

All the relevant carpets & upholstery have had a deep clean which was also a green clean, great team work from Pete & Tom!

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Satisfying commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire

Commercial cleaning at a visitor attraction

Pete and Mike were working together on some commercial hard floor cleaning in beautiful surroundings at a popular visitor attraction in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire this week.

Commercial cleaning with a view

This is a busy tourist attraction where there are hundreds of pairs of feet travelling over the hard floors, often with muddy boots and shoes.

Due to the high level of footfall and soiling these hard floors were in need of a thorough deep clean. There were numerous toilet blocks, and inside visitor areas that were treated to the Green Man deep cleaning process.

Odour neutralisation works were also implemented here after the cleaning, to ensure all the visitor areas were fresh and sanitised and generally a pleasant place to be!

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Hard floor cleaning in commercial premises
Commercial tile cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial hard floor cleaning of toilet block

The process for cleaning hard wearing, high traffic areas like these involves a few different elements to achieve the best resullts.

The first step is to remove any loose debris and soil from the surface, this is done by using powerful vacuum cleaners. Next is the application and agitation of an environmentally friendly solution to break down and remove any trodden in dirt. As you can see from the images above, this is done using a rotary agitator to really work the solution into the floor and release any trapped dirt.

Commercial toilet hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial tile cleaning in Gloucestershire
Commercial work in Slimbridge

The slurry created by the cleaning solutions, water and the lifted dirt is then removed by using a wet vac. As you can see above, this effectively removes all the dirty water from the floor, taking all the loosened grime and dirt with it. The floors are then rinsed again and the water removed once again. Where necessary, if the level of soiling is high and the floors require it, the whole process can be repeated again.

Commercial team clean in Slimbridge

Thanks to Pete and Mike’s hard work, these commercial hard floors are cleaned, sanitised and fresh ready for another season of visitors passing through.

Green Man commercial hard floor cleaning

If you have a commercial, or domestic, premises in need of some hard floor cleaning we would be happy to help bring them back to their best.

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Positive result on carpet odour in Bristol

Our pets bring a lot of fun & joy into our homes, but they can also cause a wide range of problems to our carpets & upholstery. One of the most common causes of complaint is pet urine stains & odours on carpets which was the case recently for one of our Bristol customers.

The customer had cleaned the carpet themselves when they noticed an unpleasant smell, however they called us in when the odour remained. We gave the carpet a full deep clean but once it had dried, the customer got in touch to say the smell still remained.

Our senior technician, Jon then called back to the property to see what more, if anything could be done to help the situation. Because the customer had 3 cats, it made sense for Jon to carry out a pet urine investigation.

The carpet was lifted & a powerful UV light scanned over the back of it. As you can see in this video, there are clear areas of contamination.

Animals are creatures of habit which means that by the time you have noticed the problem, there is already an accumulation that has penetrated deep into the underlay.

Urine starts as an acid but gradually becomes an alkali as elements within it turn to ammonia which is particularly bad news if your carpet has a high wool content. As the urine dries it deposits uric salts which will attract moisture & cause odours. This is why some odours appear to come & go.

Urine neutralisation in Bristol 1
Urine neutralisation in Bristol 1

Once Jon had located the problem areas that needed to be decontaminated, he applied a neutralising agent, this is allowed a lengthy dwell before it is extracted to allow it to do it’s job.

Pet carpet odours in Bristol
Pet carpet odours in Bristol

Next up was the removal of the affected underlay & the laying of the new.

Pet treatments in Bristol
Pet treatments in Bristol

Lastly, a low moisture clean was carried out to help remove any lingering malodours.

Thanks to the thorough work carried out by our technician, the smell was removed which resulted in a very happy customer!

Low moisture carpet clean
Low moisture carpet clean

If you have any problems like those mentioned above or any pet related issues that you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to get in touch with us, all of our contact details can be found by clicking this link to our contact page.

Responsive flood restoration in Bristol

This weekend, our team attended a Category 2 escape of water at a music college in the Stokes Croft part of Bristol. Category 2 indicates the level of contamination in the water. In this case, the grey flood water had overflowed from the communal toilet area. Because we were able to attend within 48 hours & because the water was predominantly clean water, we were able to disinfect the carpets & save our client the cost of replacement.

Full survey

Water tends to find its way down through a building and can exploit cavities and holes in ceilings. In this case, once the flood had filled the communal toilet area, it spilled into the adjacent corridor & rapidly down through the floor and through the suspended ceiling below into a music performance area & another corridor.

Moisture meter readings gave a clear picture of how the water had travelled. The readings also gave a clear indication of how much water had been absorbed into skirting boards & plasterboard walls. Luckily, at the time of the survey, the signs were that there had been minimal “secondary damage”. It was therefore critical to carry out the cleaning & decontamination work before 48 hours elapsed. This is because even clean water becomes significantly more contaminated as time goes on, owing to exponential microbial activity.

The deep-clean

Commercial carpet cleaning service in Bristol

Our first job was to carry out a methodical deep-clean of all affected areas & surfaces. We used a commercial grade solution to knock-back the bacterial & soil load, prior to rinse extraction cleaning.

Flood extraction service in Bristol

In order to carry out the deep-cleaning of safety flooring in the toilet areas, we used a rotary machine. The flooring was textured, so the stiff brush element of the machine ensured the strong detergent solution we used was effectively worked into the floor.

We used a wet vac to lift the resulting slurry, then rinsed the floor & repeated.

We applied a specialist cleaning solution to the carpet, agitated it with a rotary machine with a soft brush, then rinse extracted the floor.

After both the safety flooring & the carpets had been deep-cleaned, we next applied a biocidal/anti-fungal solution with a LOG KILL of:


ANTI-VIRAL EN14476 LOG KILL 4.33 = 99.99%

ANTI-FUNGAL EN1650 LOG KILL 6 = 99.9999%

After a ten minute contact time with each surface, we rinse extracted the areas.

We carried out the same process on the downstairs performance areas & additional corridor.

Commercial carpet cleaning after a flood in Bristol

Decontamination fogging

Once a thorough clean has been carried out, decontamination can begin. Our standard professional clean will usually achieve a sanitising level of hygiene. To achieve d i s i n f e c t i o n, a suitable biocidal solution needs to be employed. With easier to reach surfaces like the safety flooring & carpet, this can simply be sprayed down, given sufficient kill time, then extracted.

Within complex environments such as the cavity within the suspended ceiling, where there is a complex network of ducted cabling and rock wool insulation, standard cleaning is impossible. In situations such this, ULV fogging (Ultra Low Volume) can offer an effective method of biological control. The disinfecting solution is atomised into very fine droplets that permeate the volume of air and (because of their low density) remain suspended in the atmosphere and penetrate hard to reach places.

The images & short video below show our technician wearing a mask & safely carrying out the fogging in the ceiling cavity.

Professional fogging service in Bristol

Commercial drying services

After our team had carried out the deep-clean & decontamination treatments, all that remained was to ensure that the areas were dried effectively. We installed an array of air-movers to promote rapid evaporation. Ordinarily, we would pair these with large commercial dehumidifiers.

However, because the remaining moisture levels were not too high & this college has a modern HVAC system, we liased with the site team to ensure that the interior humidity levels were brought down by the in-house system. This saved our client both the cost of additional machine hire & electricity costs.

If you have any questions regarding either our commercial flood restoration service in Bristol, decontamination cleaning

or hiring commercial drying equipment in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for reading!

Commercial flood restoration in Bristol

Successful decontamination of bathrooms in Bristol

Did you know we offer decontamination services as well as the services you see us blog about more frequently?

Decontamination services can be used in a wide variety of locations from homes to businesses such as doctors surgeries and care homes. Decontamination services can be used to control an outbreak of viruses, such as coronavirus, or where there has been contamination from a particular source.

Jon was called recently to assist with two bathrooms in a property in Bristol.

Decontamination using a fogger5 1536x1028 1
Decontamination using a fogger
Disinfection cleaning in Bristol
Disinfection cleaning in Bristol

These bathrooms had been contaminated where routine unblocking works for a blocked toilet had resulted in ‘blow back’. This is where the materials blocking the pipes are forced back out through the toilets.

On this occasion the contaminated materials had sprayed all over all of the surfaces of the bathrooms, including the backs of the doors.

All disinfection/decontamination work begins with a systematic deep-clean to remove contaminating soils. The use of an appropriate cleaning solution will knock back the bacterial load at this stage. Certainly, post-Covid, most of us are aware of the sanitising impact of even household soap!

Once all soft furnishings had been removed Jon got to work addressing the soiling itself by thorough deep cleaning using a commercial cleaning solution specifically designed for disinfection.

To ensure all bacteria is safely removed a fogging process was then used.

During the early stages of Covid, we were aware of many companies offering fogging as an instant way to disinfect an area – please remember: ANY PROFESSIONAL DECONTAMINATION WORK BEGINS WITH SYSTEMATIC CLEANING!

Waving a fogging machine around is not going to cut it!

The fogging machine atomises a disinfecting solution into a fine mist that penetrates all the hardest to reach areas. Using the fogger does not cause any problems or harm to electrical devices, people, plants or pets but will kill contaminating pathogens on contact. We use a product with the following log kill:


ANTI-VIRAL EN14476 LOG KILL 4.33 = 99.99%

ANTI-FUNGAL EN1650 LOG KILL 6 = 99.9999%

What is Log Kill and why does it matter?

Disinfection professionals today are generally concerned with what percentage of a given germ is killed by a particular process or disinfectant. The highest percentage that is generally used is 99.9999%. In scientific research papers, this percentage is written as “ a 6 log10 reduction”, but in medical shorthand, it’s known as “a greater-than 6-log reduction” or “a log-6 kill rate.” ‘Log’ is short for logarithm, a mathematical term for a power to which a number can be raised.

Log rates are calculated using a logarithmic scale. Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in bacteria, meaning the disinfectant or biocide reduces the number of live bacteria by 90 per cent for every step.

The log reduction achieved by a decontamination process is a measure of the reduction in the concentration of a contaminant and therefore the reduction of risk.

Generally, you can say that log Kill is a description of how effective a product is at killing pathogens and Log Reduction is the description of how much of the pathogen will be killed.

To help understand the value of each additional “log”, let’s do the sums for a small colony of a million MRSA bacteria on a work surface in a hospital in this instance we are using the ‘Log Kill as used to describe the efficacy of our Biocidal products:

• A 1-log kill reduces the colony to 100,000 MRSA bacteria after a 90% reduction;
• A 2-log kill reduces the colony to 10,000 bacteria after a 99% reduction
• A 3-log kill reduces the colony to 1,000 bacteria after a 99.9% reduction;
• A 4-log kill reduces the colony to 100 bacteria after a 99.99% reduction;
• A 5-log kill reduces the colony to 10 bacteria after a 99.999% reduction;
• A 6-log kill reduces the colony to 1 MRSA bacterium after a 99.9999% reduction... [- Info courtesy of Fragile Earth]

Science/Maths lesson over!

After careful application of the biocide, these bathrooms were now decontaminated, and the customer could be reassured that any contaminants & pathogens of the ‘blow back’ was removed and their bathroom was safe and pleasant to use again.

To see fogging and decontamination services in action, visit the website here. There is more information on the process and circumstances in which fogging and decontamination services may be necessary.

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Fantastic odour neutralisation results in Gloucester.

Pete was called to assist in this property in Gloucester where there were significant odour issues due to cat urine.

The first step in successful odour neutralisation is locating the source of the odour so it can be addressed. This is not always an easy process but is vital to ensure the odour can be successfully neutralised. Without addressing the source, the odour will persist.

Once the source of the odour is located, the area is thoroughly cleaned to remove any bacteria and soiling. This is what you can see Pete doing here using the water claw for a deep rinse extraction. Once all areas of the source of the odour are thoroughly cleaned we can be confident the area is decontaminated.

Odour neutralisation in Gloucester
Odour neutralisation in Gloucester

The source of the problem in this instance was carpets, hard floors and upholstery, where the surfaces were holding onto the odour molecules.

After all these areas had received a thorough deep clean, it was time to move on to tackling the airborne odour contaminants.

Where there are multiple sources of the odour, there are gases released into the air meaning the whole area needs to be deodorised.

Once all the cleaning is done, Pete used a ULV (Ultra low volume) fogger with a water-based odour counteractant to tackle the airborne odour molecules.

This fogging ensures all areas are decontaminated and are left smelling fresh and clean.

Odour Neutralisation process
Odour Neutralisation process
During odour neutralisation cleaning.
During odour neutralisation cleaning.

We recommend after fogging the property is left empty for a short while to allow the product to dissipate and get to all the areas it needs to without being disturbed.

We are IICRC trained in odour neutralisation, you can read more about this accreditation here.

Pete has done a fantastic job, the source has been decontaminated and the odour addressed meaning the home will be a much more sanitary, and fresh smelling place to be.

Please do get in touch if you have a persistent odour in your home, or commercial premises that needs addressing. We offer this service in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Cardiff.

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Dirty water from odour neutralisation cleaning
Dirty water from odour neutralisation cleaning

Outstanding upholstery stain removal in Stockwood, Bristol.

We were called to urgently assist with this sofa and armchair that had unfortunately become heavily soiled by bodily fluids in Stockwood, Bristol.

Below you can see several images showing the extent of the staining our technician, Sam, was sent to improve on this morning.

Stains on upholstery
Stains on upholstery
Stained upholstery
Stained upholstery
Sofa stains
Sofa stains
Stain on arm
Stain on arm

Bodily fluids can prove very difficult to remove when they get onto fabrics or carpets, due to the components such as uric acids that can lead to long term odour issues. In order to combat these issues Sam embarked on a thorough deep clean.

A powerful but environmentally friendly treatment is applied, which contains oxidizers, enzymes and odour encapsulators to ensure any bacteria and odour is removed, this treatment is then allowed some time to get to work. This is then rinse extracted using a water claw.

This process incorporates a full, deep green clean ensuring all bacteria and odour is successfully removed.

Incredible stain removal results
Incredible stain removal results
Impressive stain removal results
Impressive stain removal results

From the images above, you can see the incredible results Sam has managed to achieve. The stains are no longer visible and as part of the process the upholstery is more resistant to staining in the future. This upholstery is now sanitised, fresh and the owners can rest assured there are no nasty germs or odours left behind, all whilst being eco-friendly.

If you have any upholstery in need of rescuing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the button below.

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Green Man invest in Vaportek technology

A recent odour remediation job presented just such an opportunity – our client’s car had suffered a milk spillage, which had penetrated the rear upholstery & then deteriorated. As you will probably know, this is a particularly unpleasant odour!

Failure is often an opportunity for innovation.

A recent odour remediation job presented just such an opportunity – our client’s car had suffered a milk spillage, which had penetrated the rear upholstery & then deteriorated. As you will probably know, this is a particularly unpleasant odour!

Green Man are IICRC trained as Odour Control Technicians and, as such, know to treat these type of issues at source. However, short of ripping apart the rear seat of this vehicle, the only way we could reach the absorbed milk was through saturation of the fabric. We did this with a powerful solution several times, and rinse-extracted several times.

We then applied two types of commercial odour counteractants.

Still the smell persisted.

For this reason, we have ordered a Vaportek Restorator. Here’s the blurb…

“The Restorator is a simple to use, portable electric device that quickly, safely and effectively renews interior spaces with non-toxic technology. It uses Vaportek’s patented essential oil membranes to release a non-toxic odour neutralizing dry vapour into the air. This penetrating vapour quickly controls and eliminates malodours from smoke, food and biological odours. It is based on proven technology used in fire and flood restoration, the Restorator sets a new standard in interior space renovation. Also excellent for car valeting and other tough odour contamination projects. The Vaportek Restorator will not harm fabric, rubber, adhesives or remove pigment from leather. The replaceable cartridge is rated for up to 200 hours of service.“Vaportek” odour control systems provide immediate odour neutralisation in situations where other methods fail. These systems may incorporate natural, non toxic essential oils and odour neutralising compounds in patented membrane cartridges that breathe a penetrating dry vapour into the air. Unlike fogging and ozone treatments, Vaportek products can be used in occupied structures. They will not harm people, plants or animals or affect fabrics, rubber, adhesives and other materials and surfaces.”

It is due with us tomorrow and we plan to deploy it in our customer’s vehicle on Friday.

Watch this space… 

Specialist velvet upholstery cleaning

Pure cotton velvet requires careful attention & is easy to damage through rinse extraction cleaning. Because it is a “cut pile”, the individual cotton threads will tend to compact when wet.

It is for this reason that many upholstery cleaning companies will either refuse to clean velvet, or insist on using large quantities of volatile solvents to do the job. Dry cleaning solvent has its place in the arsenal of a professional fabric cleaner, but will not yield particularly good results for a general clean.

The owner of this particular velvet sofa had informed us that their cat had urinated on the fabric multiple times & that the visible damage & odour needed professional attention.

Avoiding damage

Stain removal from velvet

This image & the (very dull!) video below demonstrate how wetting affects a velvet pile and- importantly- how using a velvet “boffin” brush can reset the pile & reduce the risk of damage.

Removing pet urine from velvet

Urine will always leave uric salts within fabric, which need neutralising & removing. This creates an interesting problem when the fabric is velvet, as we will usually be looking to use as little moisture as possible to avoid potential damage.

In this case, our technician applied a specific urine neutralising solution to the velvet in minimal quantities using a sponge, rather than spraying it directly onto the fabric. This reduced the chance of the pile collapsing & ensured that we were able to remove the cat pee odour.

Our team are IICRC approved in Odour Control & have a range of solutions & equipment to tackle most issues.

Conclusion: The final result (which, alas, we forgot to photograph) was an odourless, sanitised & visually clean velvet sofa which our client was delighted with. This type of work tends to take a little longer than standard upholstery cleaning, but we find it very satisfying when we can bring this luxury fabric back to its true potential condition.

If you have any questions about our professional velvet cleaning process, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading!

Odour Neutralisation in a cottage in Broadway

The Brief –

This week, three of our technicians were called out to conduct a full professional odour neutralisation clean for a start of tenancy in Broadway. The new owners had realised that the property smelled strongly of tobacco odours as a result of a long-term smoker in the property.

A certified IICRC company

IICRC Water Restoration Technician

Green Man are certified members of the IICRC & our technicians are trained to the highest standard in a wide range of services, including flood restoration & odour neutralisation.

The Odour Control Technicians Course teaches a rigorous & scientific approach to the causes of odours. Nicotene & smoke odour removal requires intensive cleaning with specialist solutions of all surfaces, including walls & ceilings…

Because of the “sticky” nature of deposits from tobacco smoke, traditional rinse extraction is an essential first approach to removing unpleasant smells from soft furnishings, such as curtains & upholstery.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning in Broadway

Porous surfaces such as stone require a longer contact time with the specialist cleaning solution, so we employ a foam-generating sprayer to ensure the “dwell time” of the product is increased.

There are many similarities between decontaminating a property (for Covid-19, or other pathogens) & eliminating odours. In both cases, all surfaces must be cleaned & sanitised prior to fogging. When the Covid-19 pandemic first began, we noted that many companies appeared offering to decontaminated commercial & domestic properties using fogging alone. This will not work.

Professional deodorisation using a fogger

Simply misting a product onto a dirty/dusty surface does not deal with either an odour issue or bacteria/viruses at their root cause.

Once we had completed a thorough clean of every surface in the property, we then conducted a professional fogging using an eco-friendly odour counteractant.

The purpose of fogging is to create a “fog” of particles only a few microns in diameter that are able to penetrate areas that cleaning cannot reach, and also interact with the molecules & micro-organisms that we are seeking to deactivate.

If you have any questions regarding professional odour neutralisation, decontamination or any of our services, please feel free to get in touch.

You can use the telephone numbers at the top & bottom of this page, or use our Contact page to email us.

Upholstery cleaning in Broadway