Rug & Velvet Upholstery cleaning in beautiful Wales

We were contacted by a customer in Wales at the start of year who was looking to have a couple of rugs & their velvet sofa cleaned. After answering some questions about them, we were able to provide the customer with a quotation which she accepted & this week saw our head technician, Jon travel to a beautiful Welsh village to carry out the clean.

The first part of the cleaning process with the rugs is to conduct a pre-test to check if the dye will run once wet.

Once it has been confirmed that this will not happen, Jon then vacuums the rugs both front & back.

Next, is the treatment of any visible stains. A treatment is applied as well as eco-sanitising pre-spray and these are then left to dwell to assist with breaking down any stubborn stains.

Green Man Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
Green Man Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
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Once sufficient time has passed, the rugs are then gently agitated. This works the water & cleaning solution into the material whilst bringing any soiling/debris to the surface.

The final part of the cleaning process is the traditional rinse extraction. This machine removes all the remaining water, solutions and dirt off the rugs.

If the rugs we are cleaning have fringes, these would also be cleaned.

As you can see in the photo above, Jon then used a couple of air movers to help speed up the drying process whilst he tackled the sofa. If we are not there long enough for the use of air movers, we recommend hanging rugs on the backs of dining chairs or over a banister to speed the drying process up. If you are able to pop the heating on low & open the windows slightly to allow good airflow through the property, this will also help the drying process along.

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When it comes to upholstery in particular, our cleaning method can differ depending on the fabric of the sofa. Many people think their sofa is velvet but it is often not the case that is it pure cotton velvet. Many sofas can feel like velvet but often be a velvet mix or a fabric called viscose which does not respond well to the rinse extraction method of cleaning.

Therefore, it is always important that before any cleaning takes place, our technicians conduct a pre test of the fabric so that they know exactly what they are working with & amend the cleaning process to suit the fabric & get the best possible results.

Having conducted a pre test on the back on the sofa in an area that cannot be seen, Jon determined that this was a 50/50 cotton/polyester mix, because of this & the fact it had a short pile meant that it could be rinse extracted.

The cleaning method used was then very similar to that used on the rugs. It was thoroughly vacuumed & then the eco-friendly pre spray was applied & brushed into the fabric before being given time to dwell. Next up was the traditional rinse extraction which was set to low pressure so that the fabric was not saturated. Then terry cloths were used to absorb more moisture whilst also grooming the fabric so it was back looking all uniform.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 17 at 12.57.00 e968aa55

This video shows Jon at work finishing off the sofa clean, using the terry cloths as mentioned above.

If you would like a quote to clean your rugs, upholstery or any of the services we offer (details of which can be found here), or if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us today. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact us.

Thank you for reading & we hope to hear from you soon!

Successful early morning commercial upholstery clean in Monmouth

We were recently contacted by restaurant chain, Loungers as they were looking to have a very large sofa cleaned in Monmouth as the front of the cushions were beginning to look a little dull.

So this morning, our technician Pete had an early start as he headed off to Monmouth to clean the sofa before the restaurant opened.

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IMG 1316

The sofa was given a full deep clean using our tried & tested method of traditional rinse extraction which gets great results on a well used sofa such as this. The first step in the process is to vacuum the sofa, this removes as much of the surface debris as possible. Next up, Pete treated any notable stains & used a eco-sanitising pre spray which was given time to dwell in-order to break up as much as staining/soiling as possible.

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 05 at 09.10.48 cf57fe24
WhatsApp Image 2023 12 05 at 09.10.48 3ea39615

Once enough time had passed, Pete then used an agitation brush to gently agitate the upholstery which helps bring any remaining soiling to the surface ready for the final part in the cleaning process.

Lastly, it is time for the traditional rinse extraction. This part of the process uses hot water to extract any remaining soiling & product residue.

The end result is a deep clean which is also a green clean & has left the sofa looking much cleaner, fresher & sanitised.

Another job well done by Pete!

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WhatsApp Image 2023 12 05 at 09.10.48 beaa3339
WhatsApp Image 2023 12 05 at 09.10.48 efd24f15

If you are looking to have some commercial upholstery, carpets or flooring professionally cleaned, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us. If you would like further information regarding all the commercial services we offer here, they can be found here – Commercial.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Positive results on commercial upholstery clean in Cardiff

Our senior technician, Jon spent a hot & sunny Tuesday lunchtime carrying out some commercial upholstery cleaning at the Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff. Having carried out some work for them previously, the asked us to come back & clean some upholstery in the lounge area on one of the wards.

Our process for cleaning the upholstery began with thoroughly vacuuming both of the sofas to remove as much surface debris as possible.

Next up is to treat any stains that we see. It is always helpful if you tell us of any known stains when booking but we will always treat any that we see anyway to help achieve the best results.

The sofas are then covered in an eco-sanitising pre-spray before they are gently agitated to bring any remaining soiling to the surface.

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 06 at 10.53.54
Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

The final step in the process is the traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as a steam clean. This removes all remaining soiling, water & products from the upholstery. This finished results represent a full deep-clean that is also a green clean.

If you have any cleaning requirements, whether domestic or commercial, please free free to contact us today. All of our contact details can be found here.

You can find more details of the commercial services we offer by following this link – Commercial & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bath & Bristol Area (

Or if you are a domestic customer, please find more information here – Domestic & Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bristol & Bath (

In most cases we can give you a quote over the phone or email & if not, we can arrange for one of our trained technician’s to come out and conduct a short survey for you instead.

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Bringing Quarry tiles back to looking their best in Wales

Earlier this month, our technician Pete travelled to Chepstow in Wales to breath life back into a tired looking tiled floor. The quarry tiles had not been professionally cleaned or treated in many years which led to them looking a little dull.

Quarry tiles are hard non-porous paving tiles created from ground minerals which are formed into a tile shaped and fired just like bricks. The images below shows the condition before the clean –

Hard floor clean in Chepstow
Hard floor clean in Chepstow
Quarry tiles in Wales
Quarry tiles in Wales

As you can see, soil & stains have built up on the surface of the tiles & on the grout and now require restoration & resealing. General cleaning such as mopping will probably have exacerbated the problem by simply spreading slurry into the lower areas where it dries out and the detergent leaves a sticky residue, attracting further soiling.

The only way to improve things is to use a hot solution that would break the soiling & agitate using a rotary machine and a manual grout brush. The results of which can be seen below –

Good results on quarry floor tiles
Good results on quarry floor tiles
Good results on tiled floor in Wales
Good results on tiled floor in Wales

Whilst any imperfections in the tiles will remain after a professional clean, the floor is most certainly cleaner & looks much better.

Following the clean, we accelaerated the drying process using air-movers & then applied an impregnating seal.

A natural finish is created using an impregnating seal which is absorbed into the tile, it enhances the colour of the tiles & protects against spillages etc.

If you are thinking of having your hard flooring cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We would recommend organising a survey so we can determine the condition/ specific requirements of your floor.

Good results on tiled floor in Wales
Good results on tiled floor in Wales

Excellent upholstery clean in Cardiff coffee shop

Last month, our technician, Pete, travelled to Cardiff to clean some upholstery in a Starbucks coffee shop. They had requested a deep clean of a number of upholstered chairs from the café that had become soiled over time. Often, shops and eateries require cleaning during closed periods, however on this occasion, the premises had an area where Pete could work without disturbing the customers.

Ready to clean in Cardiff
Ready to clean in Cardiff

After thoroughly vacuuming the chairs upon arrival, the next step was to use an eco-friendly, sanitising pre-spray & treat any staining on the chairs. As I’m sure you can imagine, any upholstery in food & beverage premises are prone to staining from spillages & mucky hands.

Next up, Pete used a brush to agitate the fabric in-order to really attack those stubborn stains & to bring any debris to the surface. This is an important step in achieving a deep clean before the rinse extraction begins.

Upholstery agitation
Upholstery agitation
Beginning to see the difference
Beginning to see the difference

Each part of the cleaning process mentioned above, prepares the upholstery for the final step which is a traditional rinse extraction (steam cleaning). This extracts the water, cleaning solutions & soiling from the upholstery to give you satisfying results as seen in this photo!

An excellent level of cleaning was achieved on these chairs which were not only cleaner but also sanitised. On this occasion, the chairs were left to dry naturally. However, if the drying time is a concern for you or your business, we are able to deliver a modern, low moisture upholstery clean which is suitable for most fabric types, providing the level of soiling is not too heavy! Just ask for more details.

As with all of our cleaning, the products used were eco-friendly & these results show that by using these products, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the clean.

Excellent results in Cardiff
Excellent results in Cardiff

If you are interested in having your upholstery cleaned, whether its commercial or domestic, please do not hesitate to contact us. All of our contact details can be found on the following link –

Remarkable stain removal results on these domestic carpets in Penarth, Cardiff.

Earlier this week, Jon was called to assist with these domestic carpets in Penarth, Cardiff. As you can see from the images below, there was some heavy staining on these carpets that Jon needed to tackle.

Beautiful views in Penarth
Beautiful views in Penarth
Domestic carpet cleaning in Penarth Before
Domestic carpet cleaning in Penarth Before
Heavily stained carpet in need of deep cleaning
Heavily stained carpet in need of deep cleaning
Domestic carpets in need of a deep clean in Wales
Domestic carpets in need of a deep clean in Wales

These carpets needed the full Green Man process to be brought back to a decent standard.

After a thorough vacuum to collect any loose debris and soil, an eco-friendly pre spray is used, then it’s time to tackle the extensive staining.

Staining can be tricky, especially when you do not know what the stain is. Our experienced technicians have a variety of techniques to address stains and will adapt their process to meet the needs of your individual carpet. For more on staining, click here.

After the stains have been addressed it is on to a traditional rinse extraction to sanitise deep down into the carpets.

Stained carpets to be cleaned in Wales.
Stained carpets to be cleaned in Wales.

Below are some images of the incredible results that that Green Man deep cleaning processes, and Jon’s hard work, have been able to achieve. I think you will agree the carpets are now looking clean, santised and refreshed and this home is now a much nicer place to be.

Restored bedroom carpet in Penarth
Restored bedroom carpet in Penarth
Impressive results in Penarth for these domestic carpets
Impressive results in Penarth for these domestic carpets
After professional deep cleaning of stained domestic carpets
After professional deep cleaning of stained domestic carpets
Fresh results after a Green Man deep clean in Penarth Wales
Fresh results after a Green Man deep clean in Penarth Wales
Domestic carpets looking fresh and clean after a thorough deep clean
Domestic carpets looking fresh and clean after a thorough deep clean

Not only are these carpets looking a lot better, the customer can rest assured that deep down bacteria has been addressed.

As you can see from the before and after pictures this deep clean has even brought the vibrancy of the colour of the carpet back to life!

A clean with a view in Penarth
A clean with a view in Penarth

If you need the Green Man professional cleaning team to assist you, we are always happy to help.

We can meet your domestic carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning needs.

We are also able to offer these services for commercial premises, as well as decontamination and flood services.

A simple call or email can get your home or workplace to a much improved standard, which will make it a much more pleasant place to be.

Get in touch using the contact button below to book a clean or arrange a free, no obligation survey to discuss your cleaning needs.

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Commercial Carpet Clean in University Hospital, Cardiff

This week, we were delighted to be commercial carpet cleaning at the LATCH Children’s Cancer Charity in University Hospital, Cardiff aka The Heath. This was a large-ish carpet clean and required two technicians for half a day. Let’s find out how it went…

Healthcare cleaning in Cardiff

Setting up the carpet clean

Cardiff commercial carpet cleaning specialists

Parking at Cardiff’s main hospital can be an interesting experience, so we had made a plan beforehand. All our commercial cleaning work will involve a free initial survey, so we had scoped the most efficient way to organise this side of things already.

The vans fitted in the multi-storey car park on site, but with only an inch to spare! This definitely made driving in and out of the car park a test of our nerves.

Thankfully, we were able to use the zoned outside the Noah’s Ark/ Children’s Hospital for Wales to unload the carpet cleaning equipment, before driving off & parking.

The challenges of commercial carpet cleaning in a healthcare environment…

Office carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Healthcare cleaning in University Hospital of Wales Cardiff

Carrying out a full deep-clean of carpets requires some fairly serious kit, not to mention the lengths of vacuum and solution hoses which connect to the rinse extraction machine. However, in a busy hospital corridor, the last thing you want is multiple trip hazards and a wet floor!

Our commercial cleaning work would normally tend to be carried out after a premises has closed or at the weekend. Hospitals tend not to operate standard shop hours, so we carried out a risk assessment and designed a cleaning method that would minimise potential hazards.

The images above show the two main elements of the clean. In the first, our technician Sam is using a Numatic rotary machine with a solution tank. There is a brush on the bottom of the machine which enables him to apply the carpet cleaning pre-spray at the same time as agitating the carpet. This reduces the amount of time the clean takes, therefore reducing risk.

Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff

We used a smaller extraction machine on this job and short lengths of hoses. This meant that we could “park” the machine close to where we were working and minimise the likelihood of anyone tripping over the kit. The image above demonstrates how we usually manage to clean a heavily furnished space – we move everything to one side, clean the exposed carpet, then vice versa!

Deep cleaning service in Cardiff
Commercial carpet cleaning in South Wales

In more restricted spaces like bedrooms, moving the furniture is important to ensure a complete clean can be achieved.

In the images above, you can see how the team have moved beds & bedside tables to get around the interior. In a healthcare setting where the primary aim of cleaning is hygiene, attention to detail and thoroughness are important.

Carpet cleaning service in Cardiff

Fantastic results!

Best carpet cleaning service in Cardiff
Professional carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Professional commercial carpet cleaning in Cardiff

A large amount of soil was lifted from these carpets. By tailoring our professional carpet cleaning method to the needs of this job, we delivered a safe & effective clean.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to get in touch.

If you want to find out more about our services in Cardiff, Newport & the wider South Wales area, click here 🙂

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Commercial cleaning Cardiff

Carpet repair in Cardiff

Last week, I was called out to undertake a repair of 5 steps of a stair carpet at a domestic property in Cardiff. The carpet had been down nearly 20 years and was comprised of a single piece, apart from the bottom step.

The image below shows some of the stairs that were to be replaced marked with a Post-it. The main reason for the repair was the level of wear to these particular treads.

Carpet repair in Cardiff

Stairs are not always comprised of a single continuous piece of carpet. Sometimes each step is a separate fitted rectangle of carpet.

This would have made for an easier repair!

When cutting out a section of carpet from stairs, it can be difficult to cut a straight edge, owing to the tension on the carpet from the stairs that are to remain.

How to repair a worn stair carpet
Domestic carpet repair in Cardiff

In this image, you can see the cut edge is not that straight. This will be addressed later…

Using spare carpet to mend the worn treads on stairs

There are plenty of carpet shops in Cardiff & the wider South Wales area. Even so, it would have been hard for us to find a match for this particular (and now quite old) carpet. Luckily, the home owner had a small roll of spare that I could use.

The only thing was, it only just matched up with the amount of carpet that I would need to carry out the repair!

Professional carpet repair in South Wales

A successful repair will rely on careful measurements & accurate cutting. When you only have sufficient carpet for one attempt, this is even more important! In this case, I used the worn pieces of carpet that I had removed from the stairs as a guide and then inserted the spare material and fixed it onto the gripper bars.

Cardiff carpet repair service

I used the spare material and finished the repair to the entire stair carpet, inserting all 5 steps…

Using spare carpet to repair stair carpet.

If you have any questions about this job, or have an enquiry about carpet repair in the Cardiff/ Newport, South Wales area, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Concrete Grinding/Polishing on a large TV set in Newport

Last month, our team carried out a large scale project in Newport involving the grinding back and part refinishing of an industrial concrete floor. It was an unusual brief in that the required finish was not to be The location was a very large warehouse which had formerly housed a Carlsberg brewery. The initial survey had determined that the concrete floor could be ground back and polished, but that it was very uneven and that some areas had paint that would need to be stripped. Not only this, but the complexity of the TV set meant that access & Health & Safety were also concerns.

Initial shots & test-clean of concrete in an industrial warehouse

Survey for concrete floor polishing

As the images demonstrate, commercial cleaning in a dynamic environment like a TV set will require careful planning.

The multiple trip hazards and a constantly shifting workspace mean that technicians will need to maintain high levels of alertness throughout what will inevitably be quite a monotonous task.

The delicate nature of the plywood “flats” and sets also means that our technicians will need to be on their A – game to ensure nothing is damaged while the work is completed. It would definitely have been a simpler process prior to the building of the sets!

Using paint stripper rotary machine on concrete flooring
Paint stripping from concrete floor Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Concrete Grinding & Polishing – the job stage-by-stage

Stripping the paint from the concrete

The initial test had shown that the areas of concrete where paint was an issue had a significant build-up of historic layers of emulsion paint. For this reason, we specified a fairly aggressive stripper which we covered in plastic sheeting to intensify the process. In some areas, we gave it up to 2 hours “dwell”.

Applying paint stripper to concrete
Commercial paint removal from concrete flooring
Professional concrete cleaning in Newport
Commercial concrete cleaning in the South West.
Stripping emulsion paint from a concrete floor
Professional floor finishing for tv and film
Removing paint stripper and cleaning concrete flooring.

Grinding the concrete floors

Once the paint had been removed from the concrete, we could begin the grinding back of the floors. The designer & Art Department had specified that the floor be taken back to a more even finish, but that some of the grain of the industrial floor remain. This would then be able to take an additional topical polish to add visual interest to each scene.

Commercial concrete grinding in Newport
Commercial concrete grinding in Cardiff
Concrete floor polishing in South Wales
Concrete floor polishing in South Wales

For this task, we use a dustless system with industrial vacuums connected to a FTR floor grinder.

The images show the impact that the initial diamond grit has on the historic finish of even a tough floor like this.

As the job proceeded over the 300m2 space over the succeeding days, we moved up through successive grits to take the floor to the required level…

Professional Concrete Polishing Service
Professional Concrete Cleaning
Concrete Floor Specialist Cleaning

Final polish on concrete flooring

In the event, the scale of this job meant we didn’t take enough photos to document the work start to finish. In total, the work took a rotating team of two technicians across 4 days.

Commercial concrete floor finishing in South Wales Bristol
Professional concrete floor polishing in Newport
Concrete polishing for a tv series

If you have any queries about concrete cleaning, concrete polishing or concrete grinding, feel free to get in touch.

If you would like to find out more about our services in the South Wales area, read more here

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Communal area clean & rug cleaning in Pontcanna, Cardiff

Yesterday’s carpet & rug cleaning project on Cathedral Rd., Pontcanna required some careful planning…

In some ways, carpet & rug cleaning are similar processes, involving a combination of:

  • Pre-testing
  • Dry extraction/ vacuuming
  • Stain treatments
  • Application of environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • Gentle agitation
  • Rinse extraction (sometimes called “steam cleaning”)

On this job, there were a lot of stairs to be cleaned. This meant that we situated the powerful extraction machine at the foot of the stairs, then ran a series of hoses up through the house – this meant that we could clean both the carpets & rugs without having to carry any heavy equipment upstairs.

While we’re out & about delivering carpet cleaning & carpet repairs around the Pontcanna area of Cardiff, we see many of these beautiful Victorian homes. Because of the large scale rooms, they can be challenging to maintain. By scheduling an annual carpet clean, you will find that you significantly improve the longevity of your carpets, as well as rugs & upholstery.

Hand cleaning your rugs in situ

Eco friendly rug cleaning in Cardiff

After the initial thorough vacuum, we protect the floor using several tarpaulins. After a suitable eco/ wool safe pre-spray has been applied and dwelt in the pile for sufficient time, we use a fine jet hand tool to carefully recover all the suspended soils within the pile of a rug. This method ensures attention to detail, as well as a high quality finish. Hand tools such as this are also used for upholstery cleaning.

Force drying using air-movers

Eco friendly carpet cleaning in Cardiff

Because we carry out flood restoration services in South Wales, we hold a large stock of commercial drying equipment. In the image above, you see one of our modern, energy efficient air movers being used to force a band of air across the surface of the cleaned rug. This accelerates the drying process considerably.

An honour guarantee

Green Man offer a solid honour guarantee on all our work. This ensures a free call-back to address any concerns.

If you have any questions about our services, or when we are next in your part of Cardiff or Newport, please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Carpet cleaning in Pontcanna, Cardiff
Carpet cleaning in Pontcanna, Cardiff