Second superb commercial carpet clean in an office and shop in Bath

You might remember that earlier in the week Ollie and Joanne achieved some incredible results for a commercial customer at their offices in Bath. The team cleaned some carpets as well as some hard flooring. You can read the blog about the first visit here.

Ollie and Joanne have returned to this commercial customer later on in this beautifully sunny week to address the carpets and hard floors in their shop premises.

As Ollie had been to survey the premises prior to booking the work, the team knew exactly what was required and after a quick walk around they were able to get to work.

Office carpet cleaning in Bath

Following the Green Man carpet cleaning process the team got started on the office carpets above the shop.

After a thorough vacuum, treating any spot stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray it was time for rotary agitation.

Rotary agitation helps to loosen deep down embedded dirt and assists in improving the appearance of any flattened pile.

Rotary agitation of commercial carpets in Bath
Commercial shop carpets cleaned in Bath

You can read more about our commercial carpet cleaning process here.

As you can see from the image on the left the carpets in the upstairs office above the shop have come up beautifully and look as good as new.

Green Man team commercial carpet clean in Bath
Commercial stairs carpet cleaning in Bath

Ollie and Joanne have done a terrific job for this commercial customer, their offices and their shop premises now have carpets that are refreshed and rejuvenated. The hard floors in both premises have also received the Green Man treatment and the team achieved some great results. You can read more about our commercial hard floor cleaning here.

Asides from what is pictured here, Joanne and Ollie also had some sisal carpets to clean in the shop. Sisal is a natural fibre derived from the sisal plant. Whilst it is hard wearing and durable, it cannot be cleaned with our standard procedure.

Sisal fibres are prone to collapse and browning when wet so they need to be cleaned using a method known as Very Low Moisture cleaning.

It involves the application of a cleaning compound that contains cleaning agents, you can see this in the image on the right.

Sisal cleaning

This process lightly refreshes the sisal, improves the lustre and deodorises the sisal.

If you have any carpet, upholstery or hard floor cleaning needs that you would like the Green Man team to address, please get in touch using the button below.

Professional clean of carpets, upholstery and sisal rugs near Bath.

Several members of the team were working together on professional carpet, upholstery and sisal rug cleaning near Bath this week.

The size of the rugs meant it was wise for several technicians to work together to achieve some outstanding results in a timely manner.

Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath

These beautiful light coloured carpets were given the thorough Green Man professional service.

This included a combination of vacuuming, spot/stain treatments, an eco sanitising pre-spray, rotary agitation and traditional rinse extraction.

This process ensures that any deep down embedded dirt is lifted and removed and the carpets are sanitised and refreshed. They are back looking at their best following this deep clean.

Professional carpet cleaning in Bath 1

Next up it was time to tackle the large sisal rugs.

The cellulosic fibres in sisal mean that it cannot be treated with the same method as other carpets. If we did clean sisal in the same method, it would become overwet and the structure would break down. This would ruin the sisal.

The first stage for cleaning sisal is a thorough deep vacuum. With the professional vacuums we use we are able to adjust the rotating brush bar to ensure it is working deep down into the fibres of the sisal to remove deep down embedded dirt.

After the vacuuming it is time for the application of a cleaning compound, which you can see here in the image to the right.

Sisal carpet cleaning in Bath

Large sisal rug cleaning in Bath

The cleaning compound is a natural, biodegradable material that can absorb any soiling that has been resistant to the vacuuming.

This method is known as VLM, very low moisture cleaning and allows sisal to be cleaned without damaging any fibres.

Once the compound has dried it is then vacuumed once more.

This sisal is then left freshened and deodorised.

Green Man team clean in Bath
Eco Friendly rug cleaning in Bath

Jon and Ollie can be seen here working together to ensure all the VLM compound is thoroughly removed from these large sisal rugs.

The team also worked on some upholstery to remove some spot stains. You can read more about our stain removal process here.

If you want the professional Green Man results for items in your own home, or business, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the button below.

Stunning cleaning results and scorching weather in Whittington, Gloucester.

Despite it being a heat wave and the hottest day of the year, Pete and Joanne were hard at work with a variety of deep cleaning tasks at this stunning barn in Whittington, Gloucester.

We were asked to come and rejuvenate some beautiful limestone flooring, as well as deep cleaning of carpets and very low moisture cleaning of seagrass carpets.

limestone border before
limestone border before
limestone border after
limestone border after
Limestone before 2
Limestone before 2
limestone after
limestone after

The images above show how well Joanne and Pete’s hard work paid off as these limestone areas came up beautifully and looked as good as new. Using our deep cleaning methods alongside a polish and seal, this limestone has been transformed not only in looks but in terms of its longevity. The process itself will leave the floor more resistant to stains and spills. You can read more about our limestone cleaning process here.

Limestone cleaning
Limestone cleaning
Joanne and Pete
Joanne and Pete
beautiful scenery
beautiful scenery

After some refreshments in the shade in this gorgeous garden Pete and Joanne moved on to cleaning the carpets and the seagrass.

Sisal and seagrass carpets require a very low moisture (VLM) clean due to the way in which the fibres will absorb water. After a thorough vacuum, a powerful, environmentally friendly cleaning compound is worked into the fibres to lift as much dirt and bacteria as possible. Once this has been allowed to dwell it is then vacuumed up leaving the sisal/seagrass freshened and more hygienic.

The team then moved on to our standard process for cleaning the other carpets.

Rinse Extraction
Rinse Extraction

Pete can be seen here rinse extracting the carpets. Rinse extraction is the last step in our deep cleaning process.

The full, eco friendly process we use incorporates;

  • Pre-testing
  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray 
  • Rotary agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning)

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

This process ensures the carpets are thoroughly cleaned whilst ensuring no chemical nasties are left behind as we use all eco friendly products.

After rinse extracting, the carpets need some time to dry out, we usually estimate a few hours until they are fully dry. The scorching conditions for this work would have meant these carpets dried out in record time!

If you would like to see these impressive techniques and results in your own home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to help you, heat wave or not!

Sisal repair at Kenilworth Castle

A short while ago, English Heritage were in touch with us to ask whether we would be able to carry out repairs to some sisal flooring in Kenilworth Castle. Standard carpet cleaning can be challenging, but sisal is often extremely tricky & is impossible to repair “invisibly”.

We were given some images & measurements, so set about sourcing some replacement carpet & arranged a date to carry out the work.

Sisal carpet professional repair

The work was in the Keep of the castle, and involved patching up a few areas where display units had previously stood. The whole while we were there, fully conscious that we were within a building that had stood for over 700 years!

Professional sisal repair

The brief was to create an insert of sisal with a flap to allow access to electrical sockets beneath.

Repairs of sisal carpet

After the work had been completed to a satisfactory standard, we were really delighted to be given a socially-distanced tour of the grounds, as part of our chaperone’s daily checks…

One of the great aspects of our work is the people we meet & the places it takes us to. It was a genuine pleasure to work alongside the conservators for English Heritage.

Days like this don’t come along too often, but it’s a memory we will cherish.