Not a swimming pool !

The image above is of a marmoleum floor after its fourth coat of seal. This is the final stage in our marmoleum cleaning process where the deep, rich marbling of the material really shines through. 

Forbo, the international manufacturer of marmoleum, describe their product as…

a natural floor associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design – perfect for virtually any type of application.

As a green cleaning company, we love the concept of a floor that is manufactured from sustainable materials and is designed to last over 50 years. Of course, marmoleum will suffer marking & scratches over time, but then we can strip the surface back to its original state, repair any perforations & then apply multiple layers of seal to return it to its original glory.

Our Process

Stripping and sealing marmoleum

1. The survey

We will always need to conduct an initial survey of your marmoleum floor. This enables us to determine the size & condition of your floor. We will provide you with a detailed quotation that outlines how long the work is likely to take.

2. Preparation

Before the work begins, we will ask you to clear the area. Ideally, this will mean the marmoleum will be entirely devoid of furniture, although we do recognise that this is not always possible.

Once this is done, we will sweep the floor, protect the skirting boards, walls and doors.

3. Application of stripper

Green Man use an industry standard floor stripper that will break down historic layers of polish & seal. This is essential in order to achieve a high quality final finish.

4. Rinse extraction

Once the floor is fully stripped, we use rinse extraction to lift the resulting slurry. This leaves the marmoleum with a clean, dry, matt appearance.

5. Repairs

If you have spare strips of the original marmoleum to hand, we can sometimes use these to fill areas of damage. Small scratches and scuffs can also sometimes be repaired without off-cuts.

5. Application of seal

Now the marmoleum is prepped & ready for our final process: sealing.

This is specified as four separate layers of seal. Our technicians will carefully apply these one layer at a time, with sufficient time in between for the seal to dry/cure. Once all the layers are dry, you are left with a beautiful and renewed marmoleum floor with the resilience the withstand another 50 years!

If you have any questions regarding your marmoleum flooring or would like to arrange a survey, please feel free to call us or use the contact form below to get in touch.

Sealing marmoleum

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