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How do we achieve “Chemical Free” carpet cleaning?

Unusually, we had a customer cancel a job that had been booked in Bath for the end of the week. Not only did they cancel, but they cancelled with the following comment:

”I’ve decided to go with someone else, as they use proper chemicals rather than water-based products.”

I wasn’t given much chance to discuss the matter, as the customer seemed keen to terminate the call, but I was left rather flummoxed.

Green Man source all our carpet cleaning solutions from the country’s leading innovator and supplier, a company who have brought in industry-expert carpet cleaning consultants from the N.C.C.A. ( (National Carpet Cleaners’ Association), as well as industrial chemists to help formulate the very best in carpet cleaning and restoration solutions.

The science of carpet cleaning
In order to remove stains, spots, soils and greases from a carpet, we have a wide range of factors to consider:

  • What is the carpet constructed of?
  • What are the stains and what is their ph?
  • How long have the stains dwelt in the carpet?
  • What has the customer already put into the carpet to attempt to remove the stains? (for home tips on stain treatment, read our Advice page)

On a basic level, most soils have an acidic ph. Traditionally, in order to remove them, carpet cleaners would mix up a detergent heavy alkaline solution, spray it down and rinse extract it out. The extraction solution would need to be acidic, to help rebalance/neutralise the ph of the carpet.

The problems involved with detergent-based cleaning products are as follows:

  • They can trigger asthma
  • They are not pet-safe, let alone human safe
  • The additives and synthetic aromas included are designed to mask problems, rather than solve them
  • They are not free-rinsing. This means that there are residues left in fibres after cleaning, meaning that they will resoil quickly

“Even in 2017, most carpet cleaners are still using detergent – based products.>/p>

What do Green Man use to clean your carpet?

When we arrive on a job, the first thing we do is to survey the carpet/upholstery to be cleaned. This is to assess pretty much each of the key points in the first paragraph.

Once the survey is complete, we can then proceed), safe in the knowledge that we will be able to deliver an unbeatable clean without any danger to the customer’s property.

Here are some of the products that we will use on your carpets…

1. Microsplitters
Microsplitters work by shattering the bond between the soil molecule and surface you are cleaning, once applied the splitting action takes place on contact without the use of toxic enzymes or detergents. Microsplitters have a broad range of grimebusting potential and are entirely safe to use.

2. Colloidal solutions
The colloidal solution we use has to be about our favourite product. It is what allows us to deliver an entirely greenclean to our customers in Bath & Bristol.
As one of the most Eco-friendly cleaning solutions available with today’s technology, it has been tested to ensure thatall compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the environment are not present.

This amazing solution uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques:

  • Derived from renewable/sustainable sources
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Exhibits anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties thanks to its unique natural-molecular cleaning action.
  • Non-toxic to humans and pets
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Non-reactive with chemicals, such as chlorine bleach
  • Non-caustic – Non-combustible – Non-corrosive – Non-flammable – Non-fuming – Non-hazardous – Non-polluting… …

We also often use a colloidal cleaner on pure wool carpets, as it leaves them with a beautifully soft hand feel.

We managed to find this vintage 1970s video that discusses some of the benefits of colloidal cleaning, even back then!

3. Soil encapsulators
After the solution has been applied to the carpet and dwelt for at least 10 minutes, crystallizing polymers surround or encapsulate the soils which are then suspended within the solution. As the solution dries, the encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal does not adhere to the carpet fibres; instead, it’s easily removed with vacuuming.

This amazing product is detergent free containing natural plant extracts and uses astonishing new technology with built in anti-stain & anti-soil properties. The soil encapsulators we use will keep your carpets cleaner and healthier for even longer and at the same time naturally deodorise the cleaned areas leaving a fresh clean aroma.

There are a few other types of product that we can opt to use, particularly where we come upon a carpet that might normally be destined for the tip, but the ones above are our go-tos.

If you have any further questions regarding the chemistry of carpet cleaning, or any other aspect of our work, please feel free to get in touch.